Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story]

Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story]

Hello people!!! So uh....i just got an idea for a story! I really like it so....i'm going to write it!

The chapter are going to be together in one thing , so....yeah

Name:Kimberly "Kim" Adams
Age: 16
Hair: Brown/black
Eyes: Blue/Grey

Chapter 1


by: ImBack_
----Kimberly's POV---
"Kim! You're going to miss the bus!" My mom called from down stairs. I really don't care if i miss the bus, I don't want to be here anyway.
My mom got a new job, so we had to move from New york to Atlanta.
I made sure, what i was wearing was okay. I was wearing a, Black and white striped tank top, A black sweater and purple skinny jeans. I grabbed my Ipod touch before opening the door and heading out to the bus, that was waiting for me. I walked up to the bus to be greeted by the driver; an old man with a weak smile planted on his face. I gave him a brief smile before looking through the bus.
All eyes were on me of course. I spotted a seat in the back. I walked to the back before taking a seat and putting my earphones in my ears. I was playing, 'Blacklight' By One call. (Check out One call PLEASE!! They are soooooooo awesome!)
I began nodding my head to the music. Before i knew it i was tapping my foot. I am a dancer though. I have taken classes for Ballet, but for hip hop; i don't take classes for hip hop. I live hip hop. I've been dancing hip since i was 5. I am Awesome at it!
The bus came to a stop in front of a very 'Rich' looking school. I sighed and grabbed my bag, standing up with the others. I walked pass people to be the first off the bus. The hot sun, hit my eyes. I looked down as i entered the school, getting bumped by some girl.
"Watch where you are going." I hissed. I'm really not a sour person, I'm just not up for it today. i would love to be anywhere but here. I still had my ear phones in my ears. I went to find my locker. Locker 557 (my real locker number)
A few lockers away was a boy and girl kissing. i looked away not wanting to look like i was staring. I opened my locker, and put my bags in.

"We need to go to Class." i heard the boy say. i ignored it and took my books heading to my first class. Math. ugh.
I walked into the class room to hear some shouting and yelling. Hands were banging on the desks making a beat. There was a girl dancing. I have to admit she was good. Not great, but good. She stopped dancing when she spotted me. I looked at her a bit surprised.
I slowly took my seat in front, before taking another glance at the girl. Her long black hair curled and pushed behind her shoulders.
"Hey new girl." She said to me, as the banging on the desks faded away. I raised an eyebrow at her, before turning the other way.
"Trust better watch where you are going." She scoffed. My eyes widen a bit. Ohhh. She must be the girl i bumped into before. I stood up, and said, "I don't know, or care who you are. So When you have something to say that isn't retarded call me." Everyone looked as me as if i was crazy. She stepped forward getting all up in my face.
"What are you going to do about it?" She hissed. I brought my fist up.
"Let's hope you live to see what happens." Right when i was going to punch her a voice called, "let's Chill shawties." I didn't turn around to look at the person. I just slowly backed away from the girl. I ended up bumping into someone.
I turned around to face the person.
I thought i should be excited when i saw the face but i really wasn't. It was Justin Bieber.
He looked angry and i don't have a care to give.
"Leave my girl alone." He snarled. I let out a chuckle.
"I'm so scared!" i said sarcastically, before walking past him to my seat. My first day and i already have haters.
"Jasmine babe, you okay?" I heard him say.
Jasmine? That's her name?
"Everyone sit down." The teacher said walking into the class room. i hate it here! If this was New York, Jasmine and her little boyfriend would have gotten jumped. But it's not New york. I let out a sigh.

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