A New Reality

Okay, so Summer is a witch who was in school during the Maurader era and she was Severus gf and stuff, so I hope you guys can read this if I mess up in the spelling or use really big words that you may or may not know. Also, if you like the story or have ideas for it, please message me. Enjoy........or die. lol just kidding <3

Chapter 1

The Adventure Begins

by: BiBiBaby
Dear Miss. Smith,

We are pleased to inform you that you will be joining us this year as Potions assistant teacher. We're sure you will enjoy you're time with us. Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore P.S. I think you're the only person who our newest teacher at Hogwarts will listen to!

"What how could this happen I wanted to teach potions not assistant! Oh well Summer, at least got a job teaching."

August 23rd
I walked into the familiar school and into the teachers lounge and prepared to be greeted by the staff, that's when I saw him. Severus Snape, I didn't think it was possible but he looked rougher and perhaps even more dark and spiteful than he had in our years together in school. Wait, why is he here I thought he was in leage with You-Know-Who? I tought to myself. A moment later he saw me too,
"Summer? Is that you? You look...Well..uh..great!"
"Severus, well uhmm thanks. You don't look to bad yourself..I guess. what do you teach?"
"Oh, uh I'll be teaching Potions, but I wanted to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts." he replied regretfully.
I got very shy suddenly"Oh, that's too bad."
"What are you teaching Summer?"
"I wanted to teach Potions but I got asstant..."
He chuckled "How odd, weel at least you sort of got the job you wanted. Oh here comes Dumbledore to greet you. Good luck to you." he said and then walked away.
"Welcome, Miss Smith. I'm trust you find everything to your liking? You seem to already be friends with Severus?"
"Oh yes, we were the best of friends in school in fact I.... nevermind. So uhh What's first?"
"Well you'll probably want to unpack so Severus will show you to your quarters, and you can carry one from there. Here he is Severus, will you help Summer to her office?"
"Of course I would be delighted to help Summer to her office." he answered politely.

As we walked down the corridors we talked of how we'd been doing since school, "...and then I told Lucius to bug off and they all just stared at me."
"D'ya remember in school we both had the biggest crushes on each other but were too nervous to say it? I kind of miss that us being really close friends important factors in each others lives it all sorta stopped when we graduated." I started "I think we should be friends again Severus, don't you?"
"I would like that very much Summer, yes I agree we should be friends again like in school. Ah here we are, your room. You will join me for dinner, yes? It would give us a better chance to catch up."
"I would love to join you for dinner Severus, I would love to."
The whole night we talked and laughed even if the rumors were true he hadn't changed one bit.
As the weeks went on we forgot about the fact we had the others dream job and we became closer than ever before, however on Halloween night trouble came in the form of death of the Potters.
"Severus, you in here?" i called walking quietly to the form of a man slouched over his desk,"Dumbledore's just told us, are you okay?"
"She was my best friend, I loved her, and the worst part is, it's all my fault. I'm the one who told The Dark Lord about the Prophecy he went after them. It's my fault, it's my fault."
" Hush now Severus listen, we all loved Lily but there's nothing we can do now but keep her in good memory. I know you think it's your fault, and even if it is, if you really really meant it when you turned spy then even Lily Potter should be able to find it in her heart to forgive you for you past."
"Albus has given me a job to protect the boy when he comes Hogwarts, until then I will have to..well survive.. you now Bellatrix, Lucius and the like will have heard of my treachery it will be difficult to sway their opinions especially Bellatrix's who I hear has a very uncomfortable cell in Azkaban." he said his attitude clearly brightened by the thought.
"I'll help you know. I'll help you protect him when he comes."
"You- you would?"
"Of course, you're my friend Severus I'd anything for you."
"Okay then, I guess we're in this together, are you ready for part two?"
"I was born ready. In fact I think we should get prepared now I have some Memory Orbs in my off-"
He cut me off by jumping up and kissing me full on the lips, I couldn't think of anything else to do so I kissed him back. He pulled away, "If you're sure then I should let you know that I hear love beats everything. We might as well be prepared, what do you say? Should we...you know...get together?" he asked soothingly.
"That, would be wonderful. I'm ready for anything-hmm-Dear."

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