I Love You A George Weasley Love Story

this does not exactly follow the Harry Potter stories and I want to thank Alexis091896 for helping me!

Chapter 1

the train ride

it was Bella's first year at hogwarts she was not nervous she was always the calm cool and collected girl who just sat and read but not in a nerd or loner type of more of a I'm extermly logical and talk like a poetry girl. As she walked to the hogwarts express she found an empty compartment she walked in and levitated her trunk onto the rack above her once done Bella sat and read a book called Sense and Sensiblities. The door flew open she didnt look up "Oh hello there gorgeous I'm-" she cut of the tall red head "Ok look im busy and you are apperantly George Weasley and yes you can sit here just dont try to flirt I'm not a stupid random chick who will fall into you arms and run off only to end up divored and broke." She said not even looking up from her book " Wow um ok so im gunna sit" he said "so since I finished my book and I hate awkward silence whats up?" Bella asked "well I didn't quite catch ur name?' George said "Oh well I guess thats kinda important my name is Bella."
Bella walked the halls hoping to find Hermionie then she heard a scream and ran towards it as she approached a boy was unconsious at the bottom of a flight of stairs a group of students crowded around "Move, ok what happened to him?" Bella asked as she made sure he wasnt injured "Well we heard a scream and ranand we caught a gllimps of him fallin down the stairs but his body stayed the same position the enitre fall." "Petrified...Get back to you common room hes been petrified." Bella said the students scrambled she called for professors and they took the students away George ran towards her "Bella! What happened are you alright?" he asked quickly "I'm prefectly fine and the boy is fine thanks for caring bout that and where's Hermoine?" Bella asked inquisetevly "You havent heard she was petrified." he said hesitenly "Oh I hadn't heard well um u should go check on Ginny I bet she pretty freaked out bout all this." Bella said calmly "Wow u must be out of the loop she's gone missing." He said sounding humorful at the beging but sader as he progressed she stoped walking "Oh my gosh George I'm so sorry I didn't know and I find it to be my fault I should never talk of such things when I do not know what is happening around me oh I feel foolish." Bella said with the stature of a professer "Bella its quiet alright she will come back and you shouldn't worry but in light of recent events and since this might be the last of hogwarts well I want to tell you something." "Yes George I know your about to confess your undieing love for me and sweep me of my feet and such hahaha just kiding what was it your gunna say?" Bella said batting her long eyelashes "Wow your good you knew what I was gunna say well will you Bella Lynn Stewart be my girlfreind?" for once Bella had been caught of guard she never expirienced that she felt like she now knew nothing her knees gave out she simply dropped to the ground "Oh my god are you ok I'm sorry i knew that-" she cut him off " I um .... well...you...you caught me of guard no one has ever been unpredictable to me I always knew what they were going to say or I anticepated there move by 5 steps so I planned everything out but you I mean your the only person who ever did that.." Bella said rather shocked "Well if that whole speach means yes then I understand if not please explain." she looked up and laughed "you obviously understand" she said laughing he pulled her up and "so Mrs.George Weasley I like the sound of that." he picked her up bridal style and walked to the common room "this is perfect place to raise the children" George said with sarcasm dripping from each laughable word. "Haha save it for when were 20 or maybe just bout 18 haha" Bella said as he set her down.

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