Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 42

OMG! My computer blew out! I had up to episode 56 saved on there!
but i got a laptop!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 42

by: ImBack_
-----Brooke's POV---
"I'm not fat right?" I asked pouting my lip. Justin laughed as we walked into target. We walked to the CD section. i scanned through the rows of CD's.
"Found it" I heard Justin sing. I walked to him grabbing the CD from him. We walked to the cashier. The album cover was a very interesting one i would say. It had me walking away, with the ground looking like a dessert. I sighed before handing the Cd to the women.
"What are we going to say on Ellen tomorrow?" i asked as we left the store. Of course we had some eyes turn to look at us, but nothing more than that.
He wrapped his around around me gently.
"the truth of course. i mean, if you don;t want to-" i cut him off sharply.
"No, no i'm completely fine." i smiled
As we were driving to the hotel i ended up humming on of my own songs. I quickly took the wrinkled up plastic bag. I took out the Cd, and ripped off the thin layer of plastic. i opened the Cd case, before taking the Cd out and playing it in the car. The song was, 'King of Anything.' It was one of my favorites. I'm planning on doing a video for that song. the order was:

1: King of Anything
2: When i look at you
3: I love you
4: Where i go
5: He could be the one
6: doesn't everybody want to fall in love
7: like a bird
8:Two worlds collide
9:A year without Rain
10: Step up
11: Wouldn't Change a thing (ft. Justin Bieber)
12: Unwritten
13: These Words

I nodded my head as Justin looked forward at the road. I could tell something was bothering him.
"You okay?" I asked placing my hand on his shoulder. He nodded stiffly, and kept his gaze on the road for a while before taking sometime to look at me.
I didn't say anything. We sat there for a moment, no speaking.
" sure nothing will happen to you?" He asked softly.
I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my seat as the music went on playing. This is the 9th time he's said something about it.
"Justin i will be fine." I exclaimed. He shrugged and pulled over to the side of the road.
----No one's Point of view---
Brooke rolled her eyes at Justin's reaction to the whole thing. Justin but the car in park before lighting out a nervous sighed and turning to face Brooke.
"Honey," He said using the term for the first time ever,
"You have to think what if." his voice could barely pass for a whisper. Brooke was trying her best avoid his eyes, but for some reason her body was turned to him. Justin gently took his hand in hers, gripping it a bit tighter than need.
The two teens didn't speak for a moment, Just sitting in the car.
Justin broke the silence, causing Brooke to jump due to the silence that was held before.
"Fine, Brooke do it your way. You always have to have things your way right?" Justin scoffed. Brooke's facial expression changed sor.
"i'm done with this justin1 Just done!" She screamed, her hand placed on the door handle. She opened the door the cool fall breeze filling the car. She shut the car door.
It only took Justin 3 seconds to process what was happening.
"I can walk." Brooke said, as she began to walk away from the car. she walked around the front onto the side walk where others pasted looking at her curiously.
"Brooke!" Justin shouted. She could clearly hear him, yet she continued walking. Justin started the car before riding along the sidewalk catching up to Brooke.
"It's not that hard! We could just get that thing-" Brooke stopped and glared daggers at Justin.
Tears began to form in her eyes. her face began to turn red, as the tears spilled over slowly.
"That thing," She began her voice trembling, "Is your child. YOUR CHILD. And you have the nerve to call, our child 'Thing' I don't know you anymore." She had her hands clinched in tight fist. Brooke had never been the one to get angry. But, the more and more she thought about what he said, the more anger boiled up inside her.
"What do you want me to say...when our son or daughter come to us one day...and i have to tell them that their father wanted them killed!"
Justin just shook his head. Brooke smiled as she saw that the hotel was only one street a away.
She began walking. Justin got there before she did. When they got to the room Brooke was on a new level of anger.
"BLLSHT JUSTIN! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! i DON'T LIKE WHAT THIS BABY IS DOING TO US! IF YOU WANT ME TO KILL IT I WILL!" Her face was tomato red. She looked down at her stomach.
"I'll kill my baby." She said. Justin frowned as Broke began to sob loudly.
"Don't make me kill my baby." She said looking at Justin. Justin felt the guilt creeping up on him again. his eyes were filled with pity, disappointment and sadness.
Brooke walked over to Justin, seeming to go a bit slower on purpose. She grabbed his shirt, in her hands.
"Don't make me kill my baby, our, your child." She whispered. Justin nodded and looked down. It's interesting how the mood can change like that. These 2 have a lot coming a head of them.


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