Almost Famous(a Taylor Launter love story)

Almost Famous(a Taylor Launter love story)

Storyline: A girl meets Taylor Lautner. They fall for each other. The story starts to go public and it puts a strain on thier relationship.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It hurt so badly. I could barely feel it anymore. My phone is a useless hunk of metal and I'm surrounded by trash cans. All this for Taylor Lautner. I didn't even want to meet him. My mom sent me out this morning to try and get an autograph to surprise my sister for her birthday. Some b!itch knocked me over and stepped on my elbow. So after the crowd started thinning managed to drag myself to the alley.
I thought I was alone, that was until I heard someone talking on their phone.
"Yeah I'm going out the back right now.''Suddenly Taylor Lautner appeared surounded by a entourage. I stood up.
"Wait!' I said." Please help me."
"Oh God."He looked so scared."Whatever you have in your hand please put it down." I realized he thought he was holding some type of weapon. His bodyguards tryed pulling me by my arms, one pulling my broken one. I screamed so loud and started crying all over again.
"Put her down. Are you okay?'' This time he looked concerned.
"No. Can I use your cellphone or something."
"I think I should take you to the hospital. That looks painful."
Normally I would have argued, but it did hurt, a lot.
"Okay." So we went into his limo. It was waiting on the other side of the alley. To my delight there was no paparazzi to take horrible pics of me.
"So," he startes,"What's your name?''
"I'm Taylor. How did you hurt your arm?''
"One of your fans stepped on it."
"Now I feel terrible."
"It's not your fault, or maybe it is."
Then he started laughing. We talked for the 20 minute ride to the nearest hospital. I had to admit he was charming, nice, and down to earth. Not what I expected at all. I really did'nt want to get out of the car.
"It was nice to meet you Cass."
"You too. Oh wait. I acually came to your autograph thing for a reason."
" I knew you were a fan."
"It's for my sister jerk. It's her birthday. She's your biggest fan."
"Sure. What do you want me to sign." I felt along my pockets the poster. But came up empty.
"Shoot. I think I lost it."
"Don't worry. I find something and wish her a happy. I leave it with the nurses. What's her name?''
"Julie. And thank you."
"No problem, it's the least I can do."
I went to the front desk and waited. Luckily barely anyone was here. I got to a doctor within 20 minutes. Turns out it wasn't broken. My elbow was dislocated. They popped it back in and I had my mom handle the insurance stuff over the phone. I was about to leave when a nurse came into my room.
"Are you Cass?" she asked.
"A boy left this for you." She handed me an envelope with my name on it. Must be Julie's autograph. I opened the envelope. On a piece of paper it said:
Dear Julie,
I just wanna wish you a happy birthday.
Taylor Lautner
P.S.Put in a good word for me with your sister.

On the back was a post it with his number and a call me.
OMG! This could not be happening.

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