Key to my heart (A Jacob Black love story) READ INTRO

Some things you need to know:

I added a new member to the wolf pack and his name is Mark.

I watched Eclipse and tried putting the emotions and actions Jake put into his character and the relationships with others

This was made after I had a dream(:

The other stuff you can figure out.
This is my new story I've been working long and hard on and i hope you enjoy it please comment thanks!(:

Chapter 1


"Dad?" beeeeeeeeeep. I heard the sound for about 30 second now. I knew he was dead but I couldn't accept it. I sat on the chair near his bed holding his hand talking in a trance to his souless shell. Dad? Dad? Dad? It happened so quick and It was my fault. I mean i was only fourteen I was confused. He was developing cancer and once I've seen the unusual behaviors my life was going down the drain. I wasn't a tyrant but I needed a night with people so I went to a party. I didn't drink or get into any trouble. I felt uncomfortable and was harassed by a group of guys which is why I don't trust my best friends boyfriend Mark. I called my dad to pick me up. On our way home we were hit by a drunk driver. I survived with a broken leg, cuts, and bruises.. but my dad didn't. The rest was a blur. Every time I came in contact with my mom or walk in a room, she would whisper, "Murderer," "It's all your fault." She drank and smoked her sorrows away and died two years. That's when I moved to Em's on my sixteenth birthday. Emily has been nothing but generous, caring, loving- everything you can think of- to me. If anything a mother/ sister I've always wanted. My days here have been better, even if she is my aunt, and I couldn't be more thankful than ever.

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