My Boyfriend Howls At The Moon, But He's Just Doing What Wolves Do (A Jacob Black Love Story)

NEW STORY! Based on the Twilight series! Jacob Black. ♥ Hope you enjoy!
Name: Nikki Swanson
Age: 16
Parents: Mom, dead. Lives with dad.
Personality: Very fun & outgoing. Best friends with Jake and Caitlin. (Bella doesn't exist) Only child. Loves swimming and climbing trees. Thinks Jake is hot. Doesn't know Jake is a wolf. (Hair color, eye color will be explained in story)

Chapter 2


by: vixybear

"Jake, Sam wants you to go patroling tonight," My dad said as I walked in. I sighed as I rolled my eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me boy." I walked out the door again, and went behind a tree and phased.

Sam: Where are you man?

Me: I'm coming! I raced through the woods, my paws hitting the soft ground. I smelt a familiar scent.

Me: Sam, I smell a stupid leech.

Sam: Meet us at the cliff.

Me: Got it. I ran towards the cliff and I smelled the pack's scent. I walked up to them slowly.

Paul: Hey Jake! Where were you today? Spending time with your girlfriend? he teased and I growled. Quil and Embry barked as though they were chuckling.

Sam: Stop teasing Jake and Paul, he can't help but imprint on Nikki. Sam gave a stern look at Paul.

Jake: She isn't even my girlfriend! I growled, taking a step towards Paul. Paul growled back at me, flattening his ears and baring his teeth. I bared my teeth at him. Sam stepped between us, his paw out in front of him.

Sam: Enough! We have things to do! Let's split up. Sam explained to us where we needed to go and he offered me to go by Nikki's house, which I gladly accepted. Paul snickered and stepped on my paw on 'accident'.

Paul: Ooops, sorry Jakey-poo. He winked. I couldn't take it anymore. I tackled Paul, nipping at his ear. He howled in pain and turned himself over, exposing his belly. I scratched as his belly hard, but not too hard. He bared his teeth and bit into my paw, causing me to screech in pain.

Embry: 20 bucks that Jake'll win.

Quil: 50 that Paul'll win.

Embry: You're so on! I bit at Paul's muzzle, clamping my mouth around his. He pushed me off of him, and I went flying into a tree. Sam tackled Paul and Embry rushed over to me, helping me up.

Sam: Jake! Just go home and get cleaned up. And as for you Paul, you will partol until midnight tonight. Sam growled. I wanted to grin at Paul, but I kicked dirt in his face instead and ran through the woods.

Paul: Just wait Jake, your precious "Nikki" will be mine. I rolled my eyes.

Jake: Yours? I imprinted on her! That means you need to back off! I replied and ran back to the house. When I got back, Dad asked why I was back early. I just gave him a look which meant "I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it". When you imprint, you will do everything to help your soulmate. Whether its being a friend, lover, companion, brother or husband. The imprinter will do anything and everything to make your soulmate happy and safe. I heard my dad's words in my mind.

I went into my room and took off my shirt, climbed into bed and stared up at the ceiling. "Well, who wouldn't want to go out with you? You're funny, cute, sweet, kind, tall, and a very happy person." Nikki's words echoed in my mind. I admit, I love Nikki. It was love at first sight, when I was older anyway. You can't exactly imprint when you are three years old, now can you? No. My point exactly. But when I first phased and after that, I was attracted to Nikki. I loved her eyes, they were a pretty sapphire, and I loved her soft silky blonde hair. Her body was very beautiful, oh how I'd love to hold her in my arms, to protect her. But the thing I was attracted to most was her lips. I wish I could hold her and kiss her forever. We'd make an amazing couple.

I've got to get rid of Paul though, once he has his heart on something, he gets it. I would kill him to keep him from getting his filthy paws on my girl, my soulmate, my lover. But then again, what are the odds of Nikki liking Paul? He's a selfish, idiotic, annyoing mutt. She doesn't even know who he is! I still have a better probability of Nikki liking me. I sighed as I turned on my side and closed my eyes, dreaming of Nikki, her gorgeous eyes.

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