Meet Me See Me Don't You Wanna Be Me?!!?( A Jacob Black Love Story)

Annabella Lavigne
Everyone calls you either by your name, Energizer Bunny, or Melody
You have mega ADHD
You love white pizza
Fav. Color's blue
Age: 17
B-Day: December 25

Chapter 1

Meet Me See Me Don't Ya Wanna Be Me??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: RoxxyBabe
"Hey, Bandit. i miss you so so Much!!!!!!!!! Tell Blondie that I miss her too. K, now I have to go. I need to get ready for school!! Ya yup KK Byezzz!!!!!!!!!!!" You hang up the phone on your best friend bandit. You put on your red abbey dawn t-shirt and a mini abbey dawn hoodie with a pair of mini mini ripped short pants and black knee high high tops.You are completely decked out in a red headband and tons of bright red chunky jewelry. You through your black and red check backpack on while stuffing your sticker covered laptop in with a handful of binders, notebooks, pens and pencils. Everything had Melody written in funky block letters. That was the name of my world famous rock band. The song that gave us our success was written by me about my older brother called lullaby of a broken heart. Don't ask. I threw my backpack into the passengers side of my red 2010 jeep and strap in. Suddenly , I jump out grabbing my new skateboard. First Day, New Town. Joy! I hop out getting the parking spot furthest from the school by choice being one of the first people here except for a dude on a black motorcycle. I flip my blonde hair over my shoulder and trudge away from the truck. "Excuse me? Do you know what building Mr. Mores juniors homeroom is?" i say giving him a one over. He looked about 20-something. Maybe he was the teacher! He answered, "You must be new. I'm Jacob. Jacob Black. I'll take you there, it's my homeroom too. Can I see your schedule?" He looked at me like a blind man seeing the sun. "Sure," I say passing it to him. "My names Annabella Lavigne. You can call me Energizer Bunny or Melody." "Hey, isn't Melody an awesome band. Wait your Annabella Lavigne. The Annabella Lavigne. The lead guitarist and singer. That's sick. Oh my god your you. Why are you here? Aren't you suppose to be traveling the world?" "Nah. Want to be normal again. People walk up to me then start singing Meet Me See Me Don't You Wanna Be Me? and it just gets annoying sometimes. Plus you know being a star isn't all it's cracked up to be. I really do want to be them sometimes. Not like my sister's any help any way. No shes off with like eight guys. Hate Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry sometimes i just get a little p.o.ed. " "Wait Bella. Bella Swan. Chief Swan's daughter?" I can visibly see him fidgeting. "Yeah. I took my mom's name. Phil and I don't really get along. Or Charlie. Or Bella. Or anyone for that matter. You know I think this is the longest conversation I have ever kept up with a person. Except for Cory my twin. The drummer. Yeah. i'm surprised you know Bella. What do you think of her? Did she ever mention me?" He rubbed his neck looking stressed. "So Renee is your mom? I know her shes pretty cool." "Ha!!!!! I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renee is my Aunt. Bella is my sister though. My mom is no one your gonna guess. Try!" "I have no idea. no, though Bella never mentioned you." "Yeah Avril Lavigne. Bella and her don't get along so she calls Renee her mom. Doesn't ever mention me. Anyway, after I got me and Cory kicked out of the 30-something school she decided if i was in a band i would have something to do soo, here we are. I just really don't know why Bella hates me. I think it's because I have the gene for being a witch and she doesn't. Plus I have the protector gene. And all the other ones but shes so oh whoa wiz me. I am such a pale baby!!!!Blah blah blah." As I finished I realized I had let it slip I was a witch. "So your a witch. cool. Nice to meet you i'm a-" "werewolf. I know. I'm not. an complete idiot. i have some brain. Cory!" I call as i see my blonde hair green eyed bro walking ahead with his guitar case. He flips his hair and slows down for us to catch up. "Cory, this is Jacob Black. Hes Bella's friend. The werewolf and he knows. By the way why did you make my car look multi colored. I know you used the illusion spell. it took my like 20 minutes to decode it. You know, you can just make all your passwords your birthday like another person.!" "Shortie that is my password!" Cory cracks up. "Blah, i am leaving!" before he can protest i look around grab jakes hand and pof us into the school.

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