Passed along jokes/stories/forwards

So, you know those stories that you get as forwards, or that you tell at campfires or in tents at nght. Those ones that all your friends know and love, and treat as a joke everyday. Well, some of these jokes dont have a chance to make it to other towns. Until now. Here, you can tell everyone the newest joke or story in your town. Mail me if you would like to add something. As long or as short of a chapter as you would like.

Chapter 1

The Clown Statue and more...

by: Sammy82
One night,a teenage girl wat babysitting some children whos parents would be out for the rest of the night. They get ready for bed and go into their room, but come out again, scared. There is a clown statue in their room, with a saw. The girl calls the parents, asking if she can cover the clown with something, because it is scaring the children. "Get out!" the mother screams, "We do not own a clown statue!"
Every night, after Stacey brushes her teeth and turns off her light, she lies on her bed and puts her hand down for her dog to lick, so she knows hes there, protecting her. One day, she goes to sleep, then wakes up hearing "Drip, drip, drip" It must be my sink she thinks, so she goes to her bathroom, turns off her sink, and goes back to bed. She puts her hand to her dog, feels her dog lick her hand, and goes back to bed.
Again, she hears "Drip, drip, drip" Didnt i just turn that off? She thinks. And goes into her bathroom, and turns off her sink. She sticks her hand to her dog, feels him lick her hand and goes back to bed.
Again, she wakes up, hearing "Drip, drip, drip." She gets up, mad, thinking, I know i turned off the sink! She goes to her bathroom, turns off the sink, and listens. Again, she hears the dripping. She turns on the light and looks at her sink. No drip. She turns around. On her wall, written in sticky, dripping red, is the words "Look on your bed" She looks, and on her bed, is a man. Above that man is her dog; "Drip, drip, drip...."

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