Chapter 1

Day 1/ the guys =)

First day of school great!! Not. Why does the summer have to end I guess its essential that us young adults be miserable somehow...but the good thing about it is I get to see my friends everyday ,you thought to yourself pulling up to school.

"Have a great day sweetie" mom said kissing you on the cheek before getting out of the car. You headed over to the cafeteria to meet your friends and compare schedules.

You only had classes with Amanda, Janette, and Samantha which were Art Athletics and Theater Arts but atleast all of you guys would be together at lunch.

The bell rang so that meant time for dance, you walked through the cafeteria door and turned putting one headphone in your ear for the walk to class. Then you bumped into someone alot of his papers fell.

"Im so sorry, that was totally my fault" he pleaded bending down to get his papers and you helped.

"Its ok, no harm done" you smiled handing him what you picked up and then you both stood up.

"Hi im...Lauren, you new here?" you asked holding your hand out then making eye contact he was gorgeous!

"Yeah, im Channing but you can call me Chan" he answered shaking your hand.

"Cool" you smiled getting ready to turn away.

"Hey I know ive been a bug already but can you tell me where room 198 is?" he asked looking at his schedule sideways.

"Yeah..thats in the portables where im know thats a dance class right?" you asked confused.

"Yeah I took dance at my old school hopefully its not too different here" he responded.

"Yeah me too" you responded then lead the way to class.


By the time you guys got to class the tardy bell rang (large campus) Mrs. Littrell wasnt too pleased but she let it slide.

"Whoa.." Channing said noticing he was the only guy in the class and the rest of the girls had the same reaction.

She had told everyone to sit infront of her desk so that she could take attendance, you guys sat in the back of the crowd. Mrs. Littrell was in the middle of saying your name when someone else walked in, it was another guy and she shot him the ugliest look ever.

"Im sorry im late I got kinda lost" he said flashing a brillant smile.

"Dont make a habit of" she responded looking down at her roster.

"Chris Brown" he answered noticing all the girls and then you and Channing.

"Ok Chris, have a seat" she added and he walked over to you guys.

"Where was I?..Oh Lauren Ross!" she called so you raised your hand

"Here" you answered and she checked you off while Chris sat next to Channing, they did this crazy hand shake.

"Chan thank god your here man..this is crazy" Chris said gesturing to the girls infront of him and you laughed.

"Well its usually not normal for guys to want to be in dance" you responded and he smiled and held his hand out.

"Lauren right?" he asked while you grabbed it.

"Yah Chris?" you asked and he nodded.

"If you guys are gonna be on my turf then you gotta show me what you guys just did" you teased and Channing laughed.

They showed you, so you tried it out with both of them, you laughed really loud when you got it Mrs. Littrell cleared her throat, she was talking.

"Well Ms. Ross since your such good friends with our students, would you care to explain the grading process in my classroom?" she asked so you shook your head no.

"Thats what I thought...gentlemen in my class your grades are based on your performance and effort, everday you will dress out and be on time. You will need to choose a group to be in that cannot be more than 4 people, but choose your group wisely not all friends make the best dance partners, or you can do a solo..." she explained and they nodded then she finally focused on everybody else.

"So what are you guys gonna do?" you whispered and they looked at each other and tapped knuckles.

"Alone were movements but together were an unstoppable force" Chris whispered and you nodded.

"2 is company...but 3 is fun..or pleasure..? forgot got how it goes but anyways 3 is way better..." you added looking up and Channing nudged you.

"Then welcome to the force" he whispered and you smiled.

"Really?" you asked making sure it was ok with Chris and he smiled and nodded.

The rest of the period flew by fast, and it was time for science, so far so good you met 2 new awesome people.


As you approached the classroom there was a line of students at the door, meaning the teacher probably wasnt there yet. So you just leaned against the wall and waited, shortly the tardy bell rang and you heard a doorstopper being put down and then the line started moving.

Inside the classroom noone was sitting down the teacher was saying something.

"Guys can I get your attention please, the sooner I do the sooner you can be seated..Ok I want you to stand next to a person you have never seen a day in your life" he instructed and you looked around then noticed there was a boy next to you.

He smiled when you noticed him, he was cute "Hi im Lauren" you say shaking and his hand.

" dont mind if I stand next to you do you ive really never seen you a day in my life" he asked and you laughed.

"Sure and likewise" you responded, the teacher came to where you guys were standing.

"Are you guys paired?" he asked and you nodded.

"Great have a seat and embrace the unknown" he said gesturing to one of the tables in the front.

You sat on the left side and Kiowa sat on the right "So hows your day been so far do you like it here?" you asked and he smiled.

"Pretty good, I see why my dad wanted me to go to private school though..with all the pretty girls its hard to focus" he answered and you laughed.

"How about you see anybody you like yet?" asked twirling a pencil between his fingers.

"Its been good, and no I actually get to know guys first before liking them..looks arent everything" you responded he stopped twirling and smiled.

"You know what I like you, you're not like most actually have a good head on your shoulders" he added and you smiled.

"Thanks..." you responded and he nodded.

"But not in the like like're not my type" he added and you were confused.

"How am I not your type?" you asked offended and he laughed.

"No dont get me wrong your REALLY pretty and everything but I like for my girl to be as dumb as stump, it makes it that much more easy for me" he answered and you laughed he tapped on the table until everybody was seated.

"Ok im Mr. Damon and I hope by now youve had a chance to introduce yourself because these are gonna be your lab partners for the rest of the year" he explained and you looked at Kiowa and he smiled.

"I hope your smart" he joked and you rolled your eyes.


Finally made it through the crowded halls to class, Amanda was saving you a seat.

"So how was Mrs. Littrell" she joked and you laughed.

"Still a bi!tch, but I was too distracted anyway" you answered laughing.

"By what?" she asked confused and she got a huge grin on her face.

"Oh that hottie you bumped into this morning been on your mind.." she teased and you smiled.

"Close, hes in that class him and this other guy Chris ...hmm your right they are hot" you explained thinking about it and she nodded.

"Thanks to that fire there are alot more hotties on campus now" she added.

"Speaking of hot" Amanda said watching a guy coming towards you guys.

"Is anyone sitting here" the cute boy asked putting his hand on the chair.

"No go ahead" you insisted and he sat down.

"Im Robbie" he introduced himself intertwining his fingers, Amanda watched him with amazement and her mouth was hanging open, you elbowed her.

"Im Lauren this is my best friend Amanda" you responded and he laughed.

"She ok?" he asked and you nodded then leaned infront her blocking his view.

"Yeah..she didnt have breakfast this morning so now shes spazzing out" you laughed nervously.

"Ahh it is the most important meal of the day.." he responded while the teacher walked to the center ailse of the tables he was just talking to some guys.

"Good morning everyone, im Mr. Walhberg. I know you guys arent too happy about coming back..and niether am I but I promise this year is going to be fun." He said looking at one of the boys he was talking to.

"I hope so" the boy added resting his chin on his palm Mr. Walhberg laughed.

"Everyone meet my friend Bronson, hes a little upset" he added walking up the aisle.

"Upset? Im could this school not have home-ec? I love food!" Bronson added and everyone laughed.

"Well atleast you have lunch after this" Mr. Walhberg said leaning against a table.

"True" Bronson said nodding letting Mr. Walhberg finish.

"I want you all to know that we are a family, so I want you to say how you feel.." he said gesturing to Bronson.

"And what we say here does not leave this room. So I want everyone to stand up and introduce themselves because as a family we need to bond" he instructed and everyone got up and he started at the front of the room and then went to back.

The rest of the period moved by quickly and finally it was time for lunch. You and your friends chose a table at the center of the cafeteria, before the crowds started to pour in. After you guys went and got your food you walked back to your table and you were observing the groups of people that sat together.

You saw Bronson and Kiowa sitting with 3 other guys they looked like they could all be related, Kiowa noticed you and smiled Bronson was stuffing his face and he looked up and saw you.

"Feel better Bronson?" you asked patting his back with one hand and he nodded taking another bite and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"So much better" he said with a mouth full of food and you laughed.

Turning around you noticed one of the 3 guys staring at you like Amanda was staring at Robbie, you looked down then back up at him and he was getting hit upside his head by the older one and you and the younger one just laughed then you finally sat down at your table.

Everyone started discussing how your days were going so far and then that turned into convo about all the new hot guys. You kinda zoned out and played with your food.

" to Lauren" Diana said waving her hand in your face.

"Oh sorry got lost in lala land" you shrugged and Fiona leaned into you.

"Oooh Lauren you have eyes on you" she added and you looked to see who she was talking about it was the boy from Bronson's table.

When you looked he quickly looked down at his food and you laughed "Cute" you said turning around.

"Hes too sexy to be cute" Samantha added and the other girls nodded in agreement.


As the tardy bell rang everyone took a seat on the choir stands. Mr. Chasez walked in shortly and shut the door behind him.

"Welcome back, I see some new faces..and some old faces either way im glad to see you. Now for those of you that don't know me im Mr. Chasez and like to do things a little bit differently than your average music instructor" he introduced and explained making eye contact with each and every one of you.

"Oh really, and how is that?" one of the new boys asked cockily but Mr. Chasez just smiled.

"Well...?" he started wanting to know his name.

"Trey" he answered so that he could continue.

"Well Trey, I like to help you find something in particular in yourself alone so that when I bring you together you all use that as a common link" he explained Trey nodded mockingly.

"Well I dont do choir, unless there are solos or I lead" he added standing up as if he were leaving, you noticed 2 of the other new boys roll their eyes and chuckle.

Mr. Chasez just seemed amuzed by Trey's reaction.

"Oh really, and why is that?" Mr. Chasez mimicked and Trey inhaled deeply and then started singing.

He sang 'Purple Rain' by Prince and it was beautiful, everyone gave him applause afterwards causing him to smile hugely, except the 2 guys that were laughing earlier and Mr. Chasez noticed.

"Was there something wrong with that guys I thought it was great..." he asked and Trey's face dropped on the last word and they laughed a little louder, but one of them spoke.

"Nick Jonas and no we agree, that was..great but Trey does this all the time" boy with curly hair answered.

"Yeah someone put it in his head that he was 'THE BEST' singer at our old school...Justin Nozuka" the other boy added and Trey folded his arms.

"Well its true" he responded defensively and Mr. Chasez laughed killing the tension.

"From what I just heard that may have been true, but Trey there is someone else that owns that title here.." Mr. Chasez said as if he were trying to start competiton.

"Who?" Trey shrugged raising an eyebrow then Mr. Chasez looked at his index finger and pointed it at the top row of the stands and then drug it down until he reached your row and pointed to you.

"Ms. Lauren Ross. Why dont you come down here and show Trey what we Tigers are made of" he suggested.

"Me? Really?" you asked in shock because of the title he just gave you, he nodded so you went down and faced the class cleared your throat and then sang the first verse and chorus to 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston (you have a very big voice).

When you finished everyone looked blown away including Trey Nick and Justin-N, then Mr.Chasez started clapping and so did everyone else while you sat back down. Someone else got up while you sat down he was also new.

"Umm Mr Chasez can I take a shot at it?" he asked and Mr. Chasez scratched his chin.

"Sure! And you know I like where this is going, so after...?" he paused.

"Justin..Bieber" he answered quickly.

"After Mr.Bieber is finished here if you have something you wanna bring to the table bring it.." he added and then stepped aside for Bieber, he sang 'U Got it Bad' by Usher.

He did an awesome job, you started to clap and Trey looked back at you then he started to clap unwillingly and everyone else joined in. Nick went and Justin-N followed he was killing it but then the bell rang, you got your stuff together and headed out the door.

You had just passed the threshold when someone grabbed your wrist, you turned to see that it was Trey.

"That was somethin back there" he said flashing dashing smile.

"Something good I hope" you responded smiling and he nodded.

"Definitely. I would love to listen to you again" he suggested.

" about after school we can get frappe or somethin" you smiled and he looked confused.

"You drink coffee with a smile and voice like that?" he asked and you laughed.

"Yeah, but if you dont like coffee we can get smoothies" you offered and smiled.

"Alright cool, Ill see you around" he said walking backwards.


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