Broken Manor chapter 1

ok heres part one i know i should have uploaded it first but i didnt have it at the time+)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Adele’s point of view

I walked down the road, past the darkened houses toward my own. The only light came from a street light, but even that was flickering. The whole way I kept replaying today’s events in my head; it wouldn’t surprise me if Alicia of one of her minions were following me. Then, all of a sudden, a trash can to my left fell over and a dark figure ran across the street.

“Who’s there?” I stuttered. “Alicia?”

When no answer came, I continued to walk, only this time a little faster.

One block later I walked through my front door. My sister Shelia and her boyfriend, Devonte, were asleep on the couch. The house was freezing, and I knew they were cold, so I walked to her room; grabbed the blanket off her bed; and threw it over them. With that being done I walked up the stairs to my room, I couldn’t wait to crawl into my warm bed.

I walked into my bathroom and changes into my neon pajamas then went back to my room. I turned on the radio, started singing along with Eminem, and continued to get ready for bed. Thirty minutes I was asleep.

“Adele!! Get up; you’re going to be late for school! Lord knows you’ve missed enough days for the student body to miss a week.”

That was in no way true; id only missed a day. But that was my mom. Melissa Makita threw my shirt at me then walked out. When she was gone I got up and went to my bathroom. Usually it took me over an hour to get ready for school and I was always late. Luckily, for my sixteenth birthday, my dad, John Makita, bought me a 2011 Dodge Charger.

I came from a pretty wealthy family. My dad owned a whole chain of restaurants and mom did celebrity hair of just wealthy people in the areas. I am the younger of two children so, of course, I’m spoiled.

Finally I ran out of the house, but soon stopped ion my tracks. I had forgotten that Kari, Keya, Tiffany, and I were going shopping after school. I quickly ran back inside, grabbed some money from my dresser drawer, and left for school.

I pulled into the parking lot and parked beside Kari’s red 2010 Volkswagen Bug. Out of the four hundred students at Valley View my friends and I own some of the nicest vehicles.

I walked into the school and immediately saw Alicia. It was a good thing I didn’t need to go down that hall; we would have problems if that were the case. I took the hall to my left and preceded to my locker were my friends were waiting.

I looked down at my books for two seconds and had already bumped into someone. I looked up and found him to be absolutely stunning. He was about 6’0” tall, muscled, and had icy blue eyes, light brown hair, and a very sweet disposition. I stuttered a sorry and kept going.

Damon’s point of view

I wasn’t supposed to care about Adele, but I did a lot more that I should. Matter of fact I sat outside her window last night just to make sure Derrick didn’t try anything. Everyone thinks angels are so good but they’d be wrong, and often the ones that die.

Anyway, I knew if I had returned to the manor last night Mrs. Phillips would have killed me for almost blowing my cover, or turned me over to the angels, and I didn’t want that.

Adele was about 5’6”, red hair, beep ocean blue eyes, average size, and very sweet, at least that’s what the report on her said. What it failed to mention, however, is how beautiful she was and that I was only to bring her back to the manor; Mrs. Phillips had drilled that one into my head.

Fourteen years ago Melissa and John Makita escaped the manor with Shelia and Adele. No one had ever succeeded before, those who had attempted it had either perished or gone to the angels. Now I was in charge of getting her back before it’s too late. The only question is will she trust me?

Adele’s point of view

I walked to my locker and put my books up, then turned to my friends.

“Bonjour, comment Allez-vous?”I smiled.

“Adele come on, we don’t understand French for the thousandth time!” Kari frowned.

“I said hello how are you. It’s simple French Mrs. Lamoure thought it last week.” I laughed.

“Ok, anyways, who was that? He was very sexy.” Keya squealed.

“I know! He was nice to, so, that’s a plus.” I smiled.
“Um...Don’t speak to soon. Alicia is headed his way.” Keya said rolling her eyes.

I turned around and sure enough Alicia was headed his way; my heart sank.

Damon’s point of view

I watched as Alicia approached me. This wasn’t going to be good; she was going to want to know why I hadn’t returned to the manor last night. Its times like this I wish I was a good liar, maybe she’ll believe me.

‘Damon, where were you last night? The whole councils, as well as mom and I, were worried sick. We thought you might have died.” She stated.

“Alicia I was working, you know how I am. Tell your mother I won’t be in tonight either, I wasn’t to keep an eye n Adele. The last thing we need is her turning to Julian.” I replied.

She just smiled. “Oh, Damon you work so hard, but very well. Just make sure she is back by November sixteenth. I don’t think the council, or the rest of us can wait much longer. I must say, we are all looking forward to meeting her. Just be careful you never know what’s lurking…”

She began to drift as I found Adele in the crowd. I still dint know why Alicia envied her so much, but I intended to find out.
“Damon? Damon!!” Alicia shouted pulling me back to reality.

“Yes?” I replied.

“What class do you have first hour?” She asked.

“English, I should probably get going, don’t want to be late on the first day. Bye Alicia.” I turned around and walked away, leaving her there.

I was walking down the hall trying to find room 326 when I bumped into Adele again.

“I think we’re making a habit of this. I’m Adele.” She smiled extending her hand.

“Damon. Do you know were room 326 is?” I asked.

“Yep, I’m headed there right now, I’ll show you.” She walked past me and beckoned me to follow.

This will be much easier that I though, it seems she is more trusting then I was led to believe. They should give me harder assignments. I just hope my feelings don’t get in the way of this one. I thought.

At that time, I had no clue what trouble I was getting myself into.


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