leanne gilbert (damon salvatore)

leanne gilbert (damon salvatore)

this is another damon salvatore story but i get so many ideas i cant put it one so heres another one for all my fans :P rate&comment


Chapter 13


Stefan had too take the phone because Elena was freaking out with me so i decided too pull it toghter for Elena sake then I could go too my room and breakdown again I got up and hugged Elena "were going too sort this out i promise" I said "its gonna be ok" I said hugging her tighter she put her head on my shoulder while i rubbed her back.then Damon turned up i passed Elena too stefan and wen too damon he hugged me tightly "im sorry i freaked on the phone im just sort off in shock" i said "its ok come on lets get you back" he said then katherine walked up the tomb doors "aww look at that damon finally got his girl since he couldnt have me or elena he went for the next best thing her twin!" i got out off damons arms he tried too hold me but he couldnt i walked up too the tomb and katherine smirked.i smirked and stepped inside "leanne! what the hell get out!" elena shouted "leanne get out before she kills you!" damon shouted i moved my hair from my neck "come and take a bite katherine ive heard i taste delouis" i said tapping my neck she licked her lips and ran at me but i side stepped she ran at me again and i sidestepped again it went on like this for 10 minutes everyone outside the tomb watching in panicked expression i decided too kick it up a notch "ok kathy dear you got 1 more chance for my blood and ill make it easier and close my eyes" i said closing my eyes i knew she was lunged and i stepped outside the tomb and she smacked into the invisble wall that was there damon grabbed me straight away.she hissed "looks like you just met your match" i said smirking damon was smirking too and elena and stefan was smiling i reached in my bag and pulled out the two bottles off blood "give me the moonstone and you can have both off these and make them last" i said he nodded and held out the moonstone i went too take it and hand her the bottle when she snatched the moonstone back and went too grab the bottle i pulled it out the tomb "katherine always so greedy" i said then i threw the bottle before she could catch it and it smashed up the wall blood dripping everywhere she hissed i smiled "you lost one dont lose another" i said she just glared at me "you gonna give me the moonstone?" i asked she ignored me i shuggred and smashed the other bottle she hissed and ran too the wall where it was all dripping i shrugged "its your own fault" i said then grabbed damons hand and left with him elena and stefan."your right katherine has met her match" damon said "that was totally weird" stefan said "stefan our whole lifes are weird but why this time?" i asked "i just triplets!" he said i laughed and put in my ipod and put on cassada everytime we touch i started dancing in circles and singign along with my eyes closed "i still hear your voice when you sleep next tooo me i still feel your touch in my dream my dream forgive me my weakness but i dont know why without you its hard too survive everytime we touch i get this feeling and everytime we kiss i reach for the sky and evrytime we touch i feel the static and everytime we kiss i reach for the sky!" i started dancing too the tune "your arms are my castle your heart is my sky they wipe away tears that i cry the good and the bad times we've been threw them all you make me rise when i fall cant you hear my heart beat fast i need you in my life!".i opened my eyes and elena was dancing i took the headphones out and we was dancing all around the woods i grabbed her hand and spun her around "come on lena! show me ya moves!" i said she started grinding and so did i we started circling each other and grinding on one another and singing "CAUSE EVERYTIME WE TOUCH I GET THIS FEELING AND EVERYTIME WE KISS I SWEAR I COULD FLY!!" when the song was over damon and stefan was practically drooling we laughed and danced all the way home too loads off different songs i was still dancing when i walked through the door and aunt jenna saw me and elena dancing and so did alaric they both laughed "life of the party" jenna shouted alaric smiled because he knew what was going on we was making a cover so aunt jenna didnt know we was doomed all off us just too die and there was jack crap we could do about it."dinners ready" jenna shouted then damon and stefan walked in "oh you boys can join too" jenna said me and elena danced into the kitchen and jeremy came downstairs with bonnie and laughed "bonnie!" i shouted and hugged her "hey lea!" she said "why were you with jeremy?" i asked "umm," she said looking away "never mind bon bon" me and elena went into the kitchen and stefan spoke too jeremy damon bonnie and jeremy "what they talking about?" i asked elena she shrugged "who knows?" we sat at the table and jeremy and stefan and damon joined us "wheres bonnie gone?" i asked jeremy "had too go" he said alaric and jenna handed out food and plates etc then sat down and we all ate then i went too see damon and stefan out jeremy and elena went too bed and jenna and alaric cleared up.i walked too the door with them stefan walked too the carr and damon turned around too look at me ."i cant stay tonight because i gotta do something tommorow" he said i nodded "its ok" i got on my tiptoes and kissed him i wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist i pulled away and he kissed my neck "damon" i moaned "damon alaric and jenna are probaly watching us" i whispered "they are" he whispered back he let go off my waist and i let go off his neck "ill see you tommorrow i love you" i said he nodded "i love you alot too" i smiled and kissed his cheek then he left.i said goodnight too everyone then put on my pajamas and got into bed and i fell asleep when i woke up i changed into (pic) and curled my hair then went too elenas room we was gonna talk today no one was going too school alaric and jenna was already at work i knocked on her bedroom door and she shouted "come in!" i walked in and she was dressed in leggings top leather jacket and flats "where you going your not going too school i have too tell you something" i said she looked up from her draw "what do you need too talk about?" she asked "elena im not letting anyone get hurt im getting rose too show me where this slater guy lives so i can meet with klaus" i said i held my breath waiting for her too scream at me "great minds think alike" she said i let a breath out "huh?" i asked "i was doing exactly the same thing" she said i nodded "but your not sacrifing yourself" i said "elena im immortal i gave draw most blood and then i can drink damons blood" i said she sighed "theres no point arguing were both as stubborn as each other" she said "i agree whens rose coming?" i asked then a car honked "right now oh and rose dontt know what im plannning she thinks that im getting contacts from slater so..." i nodded knowing what she was getting at we left her room and went down too roses car.we got in "your coming too huh?" she asked "yep" i said "lets go"
(you know what happens in this episode and now your in the car on the way home) we walked in the house and saw jeremy i took one look at his neck and ran over too him "omg! leanne are you a vampire?" he asked because he saw my speed i shook my head "ill tell you later but what happened?" i asked "we went too the tomb and we got the moonstone katherine attacked me but stefan saved me" he said "but stefan can only off saved you if hes..""in the tomb!" elena shouted and darted out the door i ran after her followed by damon we got too the tomb and elena went too run in "you dare!" i shouted i pulled her too the side she started having a hissy fit and telling me too let her go.she stopped and i let go off her "how could you let this happen damon!" she shouted "what are you talking about i had too save you and leanne from doing the most stupidist thing in the world" he said she messed with her hair and ran out i leaned up the wall when stefan come out him and damon talked then i hugged him and we left for my house damon grabbed my hand and spun me around it knocked me breathless he kissed me "you shouldnt have done that today" he said huging me "im sorry" i said and kissed him again he pushed me up the tree as it got more intense he picked up my legs and i wrapped them around his waist when he started kissing down my neck "i love you" he whispered agaisnt my neck "whos at the boarding house?" i asked my eyes rolling to the back off my head a little "well stefans in the tomb and rose ran off" he said i nodded and climbed off him then started too run too the house he caught up with me and i walked straight in he shut the door and grabbed me kissing me i pulled off his top running my hands over him as he pulled off my top and continued kissing my neck i stopped kissing him and walked up the stairs too his room when we got in he kissed me again and lay me on the bed then we slept toghter.

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