Hair:dirty blonde
Age: 16
Storyline: A girl moves into her dad's bosses house for her dad's work. She starts to hang out with a group of privileged teens with tons of cash and little rules. They introduce her to a world of and boo.ze and watch as she spins out of control.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I look at the fabulous houses as we pass through the neighborhood as we pass by in our beat up old car.
"Wow hun! won't this be an adventure?"my dad asked exitedly.
"Yeah," I said."And maybe the big kids won't steal my lunch money here!"
"Haha very funny."my said from the front seat.
Whatever. It's not like I gave a crap. We were only gonna be here for a year.
"Take a look at that!"said my dad as we pulled up one of the most beautiful houses on the street.
"My goodness! It's breathtaking!"said my mom.
"Golly gee. I just hope I don't get lost."
"Cheer up Oscar, before I put the lid back on your trash can", my dad sad slightly annoyed.
"Carly can't you just enjoy our new house?"said my mom.
"It's not even our house."
So I went upstairs to sulk in the room thats not mine and tried texting my friends.But they were sleeping. I stayed there until my mom called me down saying someone was here for me. I came down to find a walking ad for Hollister. She had long wavy hair and blue eyes and a deep tan.
"Hi,"she said."I'm Rachel. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."
"Hi, I'm Carly."
"Nice to meet you Carly."
"You too."
She just walked right into the house and sat down on the coach that had just been set up.
"So Carly,are you gonna be going to St. Catherine's?"
"Um...yeah." I felt more like an intruder in her space other than it being the other way around. After that she started pelting me with questions. Where are you from?Why'd you move here? Stuff about my family and life back home. She was really startin to pry.
"Listen I have to go right now,"she started."But I really wanna welcome you to the neighborhood tonight at a party. Oh yeah live right next door. See you then."
Then she just walked out. Wow just what I needed. I would still up to the party, but still.
I started getting ready when I noticed people starting to head into Rachel's house.I walked over and knocked on it gently. Rachel answered. \
"Hey Carly, come on in."
When I walked in I could not believe what I saw.


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