I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

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Chapter 1


Me and My New Family
My name is Ivvie Shadowsworth. I just turned 15. I just moved into a town called, Mudfrost. I just started school as a sophomore. I might be just like you. But I'm not. When I was little my parents died. I now live with foster parents. I move around constantly. I just got put in another foster home. I took my mother's maiden name. I now live with a family of 5. A mom and a dad and their 3 sons. Two are twins both 17. The younger one is 15. We all go to Mudfrost High School. All the way in town. I'm used to living with strange people. But this family is definitely out of the ordinary. They are wear dark clothing and they all have strange pictures on their walls. They have a dark house in a dark place. I'm the only one who wears color. Their sons follow me constantly. I call my mom Cathy and my father Sam. The twins are named Ryan and Chase. And their youngest named Aiden. I have a feeling this isn’t going well.

Ryan and Chase
My family likes to do these weird rituals in their basement. They don’t let me come down there. The only friends they have are each other. Ryan and Chase are very quiet and shy. I only see them on the couch reading some weird spells and translating them in a notebook and in the kitchen searching for food.

Aiden. He can be talkative during diner. Definitely more open about stuff. I can see him as more of a brother than the twins. I know it's weird but I have an attraction to him, and not as a brother. I can feel his eyes on me as I pass him on the stairs or in the hall. I have a weird feeling about him.

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