Trying to Belong

Name: Culliny
Hair: red
Storyline: A young high schooler has been outcasted from her group from something that happened. Nobody knows the truth of what happened to her that night. Or so she thinks.She starts getting strange letters that indicate someone might know the truth.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

There might be people all aroung me, but I have never felt so alone.People push and shove me in the hallways on purpose. I spie my ex-best friend, Emma,and my ex- boyfriend, Jarred, kissing at the end of the hallway. My heart fells like it weighs 10lbs. I take a deap breath, but just as I am about to take a step, someone pushes me into a locker and knocks my books out of my hands. Everyone in the hall starts laughing including Jarred and Emma. I can see something in their eyes though. It looks like pity. One person, I noticed wasn't laughing. Mike Brigg. He was dangerous or so I've heard.His dark brown hair fell in his warm brown eyes. His groupies were gawking around him at how hot he was. They weren't wrong. I once saw him with his shirt off at the beach trip we take every year. He had a six pack and hard core biceps. As soon as he saw me staring at him he threw hs arm around the nearest groupie and walked down the hall in the oppisite direction. They were his groupies for a rason.
So I ran to my math to get away from everyone. I sat at my desk and looked straight forward as eveyone else filed in and class started. I ran my fingers on the side of my chair and I felt a piece of folded paper. I took it out. The outside was adressed to me. I unfolded it and read the following:
Dear Culliny,
I know what really happened last year. I want to help you. Respond on the back of this letter.

Was this some type of joke? It was really cruel. All the memories from last year came flooding back. I closed my eyes and wished they would pass. They did. I wrote on the bsck of the letter:
How do you know what happened?
I managed to get through the rest of the day. As I went home I hoped my mom wasn't there. Since Iast year we haven't bee that close. She just doesn't understand why I don't understand why I don't have any friends at home.
As I got in the door my phone vibrated. It must be my mom. But it wasn't.
Blocked:Did you decide?
Me:Who is this?
Blocked: I can help you Culliny.
Meet me in the park after 9.
Who the hell was this? And why did they want to help me?


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