My Heart Belongs To A Mean, Green, Slytherin Fiend (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

My Heart Belongs To A Mean, Green, Slytherin Fiend (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Ok! New Draco Malfoy Love Story! Hope you like it! :) Comments, ratings, and favoriting would be VERY much appreaciated!! :D
Name: Sage Lund
Age: 17
Blood type: Pureblood
Year & House: 7th & Gryffindor
Hair Color: Chocolate brown
Eye color: Green. (like the Slytherin snake symbol)
Personality: Popular, pretty, courageous, and outgoing. She is very independent, likes to goof off, have fun & laugh. Is secretly in love with Draco Malfoy. Only child.

Chapter 2

2: Apologies

by: vixybear
"I am sure that you both know what you are doing here, am I correct?" Professor Dumbledore questioned.

Draco and I nodded. "Good. Now as your duties as Head Boy and Girl, you must arrange the following themed balls that are coming up. No, Draco, not that kind of balls and please wipe that smirk off your face," Dumbledore spoke and looked at Draco. I turned to Draco and his smirk was gone. "You two will share a dorm. McGonagall will show you where the dormitries are. Also, please meet with the Prefects and discuss the themes, and give everyone a job. Classes start on Monday," the headmaster finished. I smiled as he glanced in my direction. I am so glad today is Friday...3 days until classes! I could feel Draco's eyes on me. I shifted in my seat.

I stood up and began walking away, Draco trailing behind me.

"Oh and, there will be a charm on the door so as soon as you enter, you must discuss your feelings and hug, then the door will open. Good luck," and he apparated and was gone with a pop! McGonagall apparated in front of us.

"This way, please," she lead us to a flight of stairs. I felt Draco's hand brush against mine so I jumped.

"What's wrong with you?" Draco asked, a weird look on his face. I shook my head and sped to McGonagall's side.

"Here we are, g'day." And she was gone. I raced Draco up the stairs and beat him and stood in front of the door. I gulped.

"You know, if we go in there, we're never to get out," I whispered to Draco. I heard him sigh.

"So you think, c'mon, it can't be that hard," Draco replied, pulling my wrist and into the room. The door closed with a bang. No turning back now... The room was half Gryffindor, half Slytherin. One bed was placed between the two sides, making on side of the bed for the Gryffindor to sleep on and the Slytherin the other. My room--my side of the room had all the Gryffindor colors, a big dresser, a bathroom, and a t.v. Draco's side of the room was simple. Just his half of the bed, a couch, a dresser, and a t.v., and refrigerator. It was weird that he didn't have a bathroom. I shrugged.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Draco asked, breaking the silence.

"Why do I? You're the one who started this rivalry!" I replied. It was minutes before he replied.

"I -- I --" he stuttered.

"You what? What could you possibly --" the blond cut me off.

"I can't tell you..."

"What do you mean you can't tell me?!" I asked angrily.

"I just can't!" Draco replied, his voice weak. I stood there, not knowing what to say. What could I say? Then I did the least thing I expected myself to do. I hugged him. My head laid on his chest; I could hear his heart. Thump....thump...thump... It was a calming beat. I closed my eyes and felt Draco's arms wrap around my back. He was hugging me closely. The scent that came from him was so sexy and....comforting. He smelled so good. I smiled to myself and Draco's head rested on mine. I could hear his steady breathing.

"Draco, I'm sorry," I whispered so soft I could barely hear it myself.

"Me too..." he replied softly. I was suprised he heard me. I hugged him tighter, never wanting to let go. But then I let go. I looked up into his gray eyes and walked to my side of the room. Draco tried following me but as soon as he took one step he flinched.

"Ow! That stupid carpet burned my foot!" I giggled and he strut off. I grabbed my pjs and walked into the bathroom. I can't believe I just hugged the guy who is blackmailing me! Damn my hormones! I changed into a blue tank top with blue and green plaid sleeper shorts and walked out. Draco was wearing nothing but boxers. I felt my face flush.

"Is there a reason why you are stripped naked?" I teased, crawling into my side of the bed.

"Actually, I'm not naked. And, this is how I go to bed," he retorted and crawled in next to me. He was so close I could feel his body heat. I faced the other way, not wanting to look at him.

"You now, you have a pretty nice body..." I heard Draco say and I looked over at him to see him holding the one picture of me in my bra and underwear. I reached for it but he pulled his arm away.

"Give me that!" I reached for it again, but fell onto his chest. I looked at his face and there was a smirk on his face. I got an idea. I dug my nails into his skin. He sat up automatically and his head hit mine, causing me to rub it. He dropped my picture and it slowly sank to the floor.

"Ouch! That hurt you jerk!" I laughed at myself. Draco chuckled and picked me up and threw me onto the floor. My head was thumping. I grabbed his ankle and he fell on top of me. I groaned in pain. Draco's face was centimeters away from mine. I started pulling his hair to make him get off me. He glared at me and started pulling my hair. I let go of his and slapped his hand away. I rubbed my head. I tried hitting his face but he caught my wrist and pinned it to the ground. He did that with my other wrist too. I was trapped.
"Okay fine, I give up, as long as you give me my picture," I said.

"It's mine. I took it," He smirked then it quickly faded.

"You bastard! You did take it!" I was so angry right now. He was grinning as I tried to break free of his grip for five minutes. I tried so hard I was sweating.

"Okay okay, you win... for now," I growled. He grinned in victory and got off of me. He helped me up and I crawled into bed.


"Drama queen."


"Gryffindork." I laughed at that one and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep, wanting to dream about Draco.

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