saving you from yourself damon salvatore love story

saving you from yourself damon salvatore love story

another damon salvatore i have too many ideas:p

name mackenzie mason
hair brown
eyes green
age 145
personality wild loveing caring erratic
angry:dangerous devouis sneeky
powers appealing aura boys are drawn too you and everyone wants you all girls are put down by you they dont feel good enough around you super speed strenght hearing manipulate minds and can malipulate emotions.

Chapter 1

mystic falls

i was sitting in my study when i heard damon come in i went downstairs and he was sprawled across the setea his jacket on the back off it and shoes off and had his eyes closed "where have you been?" i asked him "normally i wouldnt tell you but since i know it will pss you off i fed off 3 girls dranded on off her blood and snapped someones neck and i compelled two girls too have sx with me" he said smugly opening his eyes rage burned through me those poor innocent girls i thought "yes those poor innocent girls" he reapeted reading my head i put a sheild up in my head and shook it "why are you being like this?" i asked "im being like this too put your life in eternally misery" he said i sighed and went upstairs "im going out" he said and left what was i gonna do about him?. no one can stop him no one or nothing i ran my miind back over the last 145 years trying too find something that was damons weakness then there she was her green eyes shining and wavy brown hair that went too her waist blowing in the wind mckenzie her and damon had fallen in love after they spent alot off time together but everytime katherine saw them getting close she manupilated him into lovving her. stefan was best freinds with her since him and damon turned her.she was like the sister he never had and they loved each other like family but she was in love with damon and he was in love with her.i smiled remembering the day that they turned her she had been stabbed they smelled her blood and it was so tempting but there love for her stopped them and damon didnt want too see her die so they changed her when she woke up they expected her too hate what she was and expected her too hate them for making her a monster.but she was excited she loved the idea and when they told her she had too feed she jumped on the next perssons back and fed off them he remembers as she lifted her heaad her eyes red and evil her veins standing out and her canones glistening with blood she licked her plump lips and teeth and smiled she asked them too travel with her but they wanted too stay in mystic falls so they said goodbye and she left stefan snapped into they present and thought how was he going too get in touch with her so they only thing he could off was too call her they had only turned her shortlyt after them but she was so much more powerful than them even more powerful them he started calling her sheilding from damon who would feel it if he was at carolines were he most likely was poor girl he had been using her for her blood and sx for a few days know and elena only just found out ihe was a vampire.he contiuened calling for a hour but gave up when she didnt appear he left for elenas trying too find a way too get her she was the only one who could save damon from himself.


i was feeding when i heard a familiar voice calling me stefan?i dropped my dinner and ran he contined calling for a hour but i was in austrailia so it was taking a while too get too mystic falls she contiuened "damon needs you kenzie he needs you bad hes not damon anymore hes a monster he needs you!" he said im coming i thougth im coming! i shouted pushing myself harder too get them damon needed her she would do anything for damon anything for stefan also she loved them both but she was in love with damon after a few more tries stefan stopped calling she arrived at the boarding house shouthing "IM HOME!" but no one was there she poured herself a drink and lay on the setea dangling her black ankle boots she looked down at herself she was wearing her white lace top skinny jeans and boots and all her hair was curling in wringlets then she heard running she knew who it was then the door slammed open and in walked in damon and stefan i smiled widely damon stood there eyes popping out his skull and mouth open but stefan was smiling smugly.

i was runnig home when i heard a famialar voice silky and soft i stopped dead in my track could it be? i thought stefan saw me in the woods he smiled "is that?" i asked he nodded but i didnt beileive him i countied running then slammed the door open and mackenzie was on the setea drink in hand she was smiling widely i looked at stefan he looked smug he knew he had been planning it "hey big bro" she said running at stefan he hugged her "lil sis" he said he put her down and saw me glaring at him why couldnt she hug me first?"im going leave you two to cath up" he said running upstairs she faced me and smiled "damon" she breathed she ran too me and i picked her up clutching her tight and burying my face in her curls inhailing her scent "i missed you" she said "me too" i said kissing her hair i put her down "why are you here?" i asked "i can leave" she said walking too the door "no!" i shouted she looked at me and had a smirk on her face "you no what i mean" i said she nodded "im here too save you" she said i cocked my eyebrow "save me?" i asked she nodded "i dont need saving" i said but my whole inside screamed the words save me! "oh come on that is the biggest lie ever" she said putting her hands on her hips i smirked "so a game?" i asked her eyes brightened at the idea she was a lot like me she loved too play games."what are the rules?" i asked "there are none" she said with a smirk i smirked back "what happens if you win?" i asked "if i win you have too admit every feeling you got for me" she said she tried too say it seourisly but i saw her eyes gleam " and apolgise too your brother" she added i rolled my eyes "and if i win?" i asked she shrugged her shoulders."you choose" she said i thought for a bit then said "hot vampire s
x" i said she nodded "fine cuz i know im going win im your biggest weakness" she said i laughed but she was right she was my biggest weakness from her geourgues legs too her perfectly tanned body too her gleaming green eyes geourgues pink plump pink lips and wavy choclate brown hair and most of all her personality and her herself "that may be true but im your weakness too" i said smugly she laughed and turned for the stairs shaking her hips and azz she turned and blew me a kiss i pretended too catch it and she laughed her musicaul laugh.

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