Escape to You

Name: Macie
Hair: blonde
Personalitly:slightly depressed and angry
Storyline: Simialar to the book, The DUFF. Macie goes looking for a fling to escape problems of her own.
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Chapter 1


I can't stand to be hear anymore so I'll leave. I wish I hadn't turned down the party with Alicia, it's too late now. So maybe I'll go hang out at the park. All the ston.ers hang out there at night.
So now I'm sitting in a stupid swing wishing I was anywhere but here and a dark figure is approaching. As it gets closer I realize who it is. Jason Tully. The biggest bad boy player at my school. He's holding a a cigaret.te. No, it's
"Hey, what's a pretty girl like you doing here on a Friday night?"he asked me.
"Looking for trouble," I said."Can you help?''
"You don't want my kind of trouble baby."
"How would you know?" Now this was slightly annoying. I thought he would immediatley say come with me. Was I not good enough for hom or something?
"But," he said " I should probably get you out of here before you get in real trouble."So I left with him cause I had a feeling he was right about the trouble.
Once we got to his house I got nervous of what I would see.
"Don't worry no one's here." he said. "Thirsty?" he asked.
"No." I know what I came here for. To get away from Macie for a while, and Jason was the perfect way. I pushed him on the coach that was behind him. He was caught off guard. I immediatly jumped on top of him and crushed my lips against his. He responded imediately. His lips were soft. He was a good kisser. I started to try and take his shirt off, but he stopped me.
"Macie, no you don't really want to do this," he said as he sat up.
"How do you know my name?"I asked.
"Everyone knows your name"
"listen I came her to forget Macie for a while, I've heard enough to know that you should be able to help me. So what am I not hot enough for you?"
" What?" he said. "of course not. Your gorgeous, but your not that kind of girl. I don't want to be the one who turns you into that."
I leaned back in the coach. He was acually really hot. He had hard core biceps and abs. His eyes are ice blue and his hair was jet black and a little shaggy.
"Why do you wanna forget yourself'' he asked.
"You don't really want to know." I said.
"Try me."


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