The Most Annoying Guy I've Ever Met (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

hey well heres my story hope u guys like says hopefully ;)
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Chapter 1

I Hate Mondays

Beep. Beep. Beep. Ugh. First day of school in Mystic Falls. I whacked the snooze button on my alarm. My best friend Emma came running in and started jumping on my bed. She fell and landed on top of me. "Wake up, Lex." She started hitting the back of my head with a pillow until i got up and hit her with my other pillow. "Come ON school starts in like half an hour!!!!!!!!" Emma whined impatiently. I don't even understand why we moved here from New York. I freaking loved New York. Emma's parents got a job like two years ago where they have to travel alot so Emma lives with me. I think she said her parents are in, like, China right now.

~~~~~~~~at school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
I parked my car next to a black ferarri that looked way too expensive to be a student's car. "Damn rich kids." grumbled Emma. Once we found our lockers and put our stuff in them a girl and her boyfriend came up to us. "Hi i'm Elena Gilbert and this is Stefan Salvatore. Are you guys new here?" "Yeah. I'm Lexi Morrison and thats my best friend Emma Mayer." Emma was staring at Stefan, then looked at some guy who was surrounded by a crowd of girls. "Ugh, what is he doing here?" Stefan growled. "Who is he?" Stefan continued to stare at the guy and cussed under his breath. "That's Stefan's brother Damon." Elena explained. "Theres alot of...rivalry between them." Damon turned around and Emma's face lit up. "Holy hot guy!!!!!!!!!!" she said a little too loudly. "Emma, shut up!" Damon came over to us. "I'm Damon. and who do i have the pleasure of meeting?" he said, taking my hand and kissing it. "Lexi." i rolled my eyes. I hate guys like that. "I'm Emma." Emma said excitedly. "Nice to meet you, Emma." Emma giggled. The bell rang, and i went to my first class which was English. Luckily, Emma and Stefan were in that class. Unfortunately, so was Damon. When i got in like a second late the only seat left was next to Damon. Of course. "Hello i am Mrs. Avery and i am your English teacher this year." no. freaking. duh. "The first assignment we will be doing is reports on eachother. Birthdays, where you were born, siblings, and other stuff about your partner's life. Hmm...Let's see. Damon Salvatore, and..." i shrunk back in my seat. "Alexandra Morrison." "Lexi." i corrected. "Whatever." Damon went back to a table at the back. "Alexandra, join your partner." said Mrs. Avery. "Lexi." i growled. "And no. i refuse to be partnered with a moron." i said, for lack of a better word to describe Damon. Stefan laughed. "Back of the classroom, or detention." she said. I grumbled and went to the back to sit with Damon...TBC
Thnx for reading this plzzzz comment if you like it if you dont tell me!!!! all i need is constructive critisism!!!! be brutally honest!!!!!!! but not too brutal, lol. :)

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