Love at Hogwarts: Year 2 Part 1::: A Harry potter love story

THis is a little short but i am running out of time Hope you like it
PS any suggestions?

Chapter 1

What are you and WHO ARE YOU???

Living with the weasleys is interesting! Trying to be one step of fred and geroge is very hard. They havent done a prank on me ...yet! Ginny and I talk alot she like the little sister i never had. I talk to ron about school and what not percy stays away from us most of the time just doing what ever percy does. Its only about a week before we have to go back to hogwarts which i am a little sad about. I was heading down to the lake to go swimming with ginny and ron. I went up stairs to get changed after breakfast.
I walk threw the door jump on my bed and look straight ahead to a very interesting face. It was i really dont know but it was funny looking.
"Miss June?" the thing says. I grab my wand and point my wand at it.
"Who the HECK are you!" i say and its eyes get wider
"Dobby i am Dobby miss" dobby says he stands on my bed. i take a few steps back
"Ok is this one of fred and geroges prank or are you for real?" i ask. I am soo nervous this little thing might jump out and be an evil creature so i am NOT taking my wand off it
"Dobby is a house elf Miss" he says very polietly. " and Dobby doesnt know a fred or a geroge"
"WHy are you here then" i lower my wand slightly.
"Dobby is here to WARN Miss June not to come back to Hogwarts this year" he ssays coming closer
"Well i'm sorry but i am going" also stepping closer
"But you are in grave danger miss june!" he says
"Dobby what could be so dangerous at Hogwarts it a -a School?!"
"Please listen to Dobby" he says " Dobby is telling the truth! Something is after you and mr. potter!"
"Yes See Dobby isnt lying!" he says yelling
"Dobby calm down!" i yell at him
"Sorry sorry sorry!" he says and grabs my bag and starts hitting himself
"DObby stop stop it!"
"Sorry dobby must punish himself!'
I hear foot steps from the stairs
"Dobby i think you should get going!"
the foot steps get closer "I mean it!'
"FINE BUT LISTEN TO DOBBY!!" he says and snaps his fingers to disapear.
"Fiona are you coming down?" ron asks. I turn around quicky to not draw attention that there was a 'House Elf' in my room!
"umm ya i'm coming just getting ready" i say very very quickly
"Ok everything ok" ginny says butting in on the convosation
Should i tell them or not?
"I'll tell you at the lake" i say "Ok" they say and walk down the stairs
What the heck was that a-a house elf threating me not to go to school? I thought elves were supposed to be all like 'go to school be safe' and all that you learn in those little kid movies. Oh well. I throw my swim suit on and run down to the lake where ron and ginny are. I jump in and swim for a bit just doing stuff. we finally get out and dry off
"So what took you soo long?" ginny asks
"You really want to know...." i say drying my hair off. she nodds her head
"Well i hope i was not imagaining it but there was a house elf named dobby in my room telling me 'i was in danger and not to go to hogwarts this year cause its to dangerous" they both look at me then start laughing. i giggle at them but i dont understand why they are laughing? what was i so funny?
"Whats so funny?" i ask them
they still laugh as they say what they are saying something about house elves cant escape their masters'...
"You guys are werid" i say and get up "Hey race you to the house" i take off running with them behind me. It only takes me a matter of secounds to get there. I 'not to toot my own horn' but i am pretty fast. i get to the door and then ron and ginny behind me out of breath
"!" ron says inbetween breathes. I smile at them and walk threw the door.

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