The runaway child

This is a sad story about me and how I tried to get away from my mum who hurted me so much that I ran away.(this is not a real life story. I luv my mum she is tha best)

Chapter 1

away from home

I can't stand it I have to go, go somewhere anywhere away from her.

I ran and ran until I could run no longer all I can remember of what was on my mind was getting away from my mum. That was stupid because I only wanted to get away but I forgot about food and how I was going to live on the streets of Manchester.

My names Bethan and this is the story of the runaway street child.

In the dark streets of Manchester I shut my front door behind me then I ran into the woods and dodged as many sticks and branches as I could until I fell over. I looked at my leg, in the limited light it was hard to see but of what I could tell it was a huge cut "Ow!" I yelled I was sat on something, something sharp. I tried to stand up, but because of the cut on my leg it was hard I got out my tourch and looked around. In the mist of the forest in frount of me I could see a old wooden hut I came closer it was abandand so I went in to see what was there.

Inside there was a bed but not much else so I ripped my top and wrapped it around my leg. I lay down the bed was horrible but I slept for about 7 hours when I woke up I looked around the room and it didn't seem as it did last night because last night I seen a room that had a bed and a table but there was a bed a table with lots of old books and a mirror that was smashed in the corner there was a dead plant and food that sell by date was 12-11-1999 "uww someone must have lived here a long time ago" I looked at my leg and unwrapped my old t-shirt im sure it was black but now it was red I looked at my leg than wrapped it back up and got out of bed I had some money in my pocket so I carefully when shop (carefully because I didn't want to see my mum) and got some cream that will make sure that my leg dose not get an infection and 0ut it on as soon as a I got back into the wooden hut.
Than I slept again for a short while than walked to the beach. At the beach there was a surf bord shop, an ice cream stand and a hot dog stand I asked at they all if they needed any workers and they all said yes so I asked wot they would pay me one said £30 a week the other £15 a week and the last one said £30 a week so i decided if i wanted to wotk in the surf bord shop or the hot dog stand.At the hot dog stand a girl called Libby who had blondie hair and I really liked her worked there and at the surf bord there was a boy called Jim he was ok lookin it was a no-brainer. I went 2 the surf bord shop and told him the news "really thats 2 bad coz i really like you but that girl that works in the hot dog stand is pritty" "bye" I said and went to the hot dog stand "Yes! I was thinking you would pick the surf bord shop coz of the boy who works there" "do u like him?" I asked " he likes you did u know that?" "really c ya Later" She came back with a big smile on her face " wot did he say?" " he said that he would love 2 go out with me!" " I gotta go" "c ya! by the way come work tomorro on uniform " "bye" I said then when 2 the wooden hut.

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