Fire and Ice(Jacob Black Story)

Fire and Ice(Jacob Black Story)

Okay so when I read the short second life of Bree Tanner I got this idea!!!
Anyways, I hope you guys really like it!!

Tell me what you think................PLEASE!

Second short life of Bree Tanner spoilers!

Chapter 3

The decision

by: Today_
Then I felt this weird repellent from a guy sitting on the couch. It hurt my eyes just to look at him, but he had blonde hair and was tall. I think there was even a girl behind that couch. I looked away as soon as I felt nauseous.

Time passed and there was only one month left til we were to attack. I went hunting with Diego who I became friends with. Also I met the girl behind the couch, Bree.

I also learned that I have a gift. I can make people hallucinate, or create illusions....basically I mess with their minds.

Jacob's p.o.v

It has been about a year since Faith died. Is it possible to love two people at the same time? When Bella started to talk to me, I started to like her, but not as much as Faith......

I guess you can say I was about to crash Bella's graduation party with Embry and Quil.

The Cullen's called us into the kitchen, and talked to us about the killings in seattle. So someone must hate Bella a lot if they made a vampire army just to kill her!

I told them we were in. At least we'd be able to kill some vampires........

Aislinn's p.o.v(Faith)
When Diego disappeared, Bree relied on me. Though, I knew Riley had killed him for knowing a secret......but what secret? That left me in command when Riley was gone.

It was night, and Riley was talking but I didn't pay attention, I would stand by Fred and Bree. Over time, Fred had been my friend. I actually talked to him.

Kristie's and Raoul's crowd would be cheering.

"Tonight we hunt!"

I was surprised, because usually we would be training to fight. I didn't want to fight, so I'd probably try to escape.


Everyone was ready. We were all running to the location. I froze about a mile away. Should I join them and possibly die? I sighed, as I decided. I was going to...........

Should she fight, or leave??

p.s sorry it'sshort!

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