midnight sun (My OWN version)

midnight sun (My OWN version)

Renesmee also known as Nessie by some, hate her life. She hates being a vampire, as well a mortal. She just wish for being human. She even wished her parents did not met. But Renesmee don't really mean that. She love her parents. She thinks they are perfect for each other. Even so they can get be emberrsing. But all she just want is a perfect normal life as a human being. Then on Renesmee 13th birthday, eveything changes, and it's Renesmee job to fix it....

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

by: Bels
ugh, I hate school. i hate the teachers. but most of all, i hate the people. Why can't people understand i'm just the same as them.
"Renesmee dear are you ready to go!?" Shouting from my bedroom "Yes mum!" quickly grabbed my black hello kitty bag, and quickly walked downstairs.

"How you filling?" Just staring ahead at the school. I fill upset, and anger. As well I fill scared. But you won't understand. No one don't "I'm ok I guess"
"If your worried. you tell me won't you?" I just nodded, and quickly gotten out from the car to stop the subject.
"Well see you later, got a surpise for you" I signed, and quickly waved mum off. Great, what is it this time!? I quickly stopped thinking when I saw them coming over...


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