Lightning Strike Love (Jacob Black)

Lightning Strike Love (Jacob Black)

ok guys sorry ive been gone for a while and probably will be again but im just going to put all my story stuff in here now. And i rewrote it so its going to be a little different

Chapter 1


I woke up late today. I know I did when Dad left me a note saying he went to the store. He only goes to the store Wednesdays at eleven. Maybe because he knows I have different responsibilities now that he lets me sleep in. Anyway, Dad just got back, so I should go help him with the groceries. I walked out in my pajamas, basketball booty shorts and a tank top. Yes I know its February, in Alaska, but I don't feel the cold like I used to. Dad just looks at me like I'm nuts, but hey it runs in the family. Now I know I lost some of you and that’s ok, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. So just for you I'll back up two months to my sixteenth birthday.
It happened to be on a Wednesday; I had just come home from the store with Dad. As we were putting the food away I got extremely warm and felt this strange pulling in my gut. I ignored it just thinking I was hungry. I grabbed a yogurt and started to eat that, but my stomach instantly got upset. I ran down the hallway, knocking over Dad in the process.
"Ryan, are you ok?" he asked me. My response was a retching noise followed by a splash in the toilet. "Hold on let me call Grandpa."
Now my grandpa is the medicine man for our tribe. And I am starting to take lessons from him so I can take over when he either dies or steps down. There was a hushed conversation on the phone. Dad hung up and said Grandpa would be here as soon as he could. Grandpa however lives on the other side of our village which thanks to the government is twenty minutes away by vehicle. And with the snow it would probably take him twice as long to get here. I groaned and sat on the floor. Dad took my temperature and I was already at 102.3! No wonder I thought I was sweating bullets.
The front door opened and closed, and by some feeling I knew it was Grandpa, even though he wasn't supposed to be here for another forty-seven minutes. Don't ask how I knew I just know I did. Grandpa came into my bathroom wearing only shorts. Now I know most grandpas are old and wrinkly, but my grandpa looked young enough to be my dad, no joke. So yes he was muscular and handsome. He took one look at me and said it's time. He grabbed me and took me outside in the snow.
"Ryan," he said. I ignored him. "Ryan Quinn," My head snapped in his direction, Grandpa never uses my last name. "Just let that feeling over take you. You will be better in no time."
I searched inward and found that feeling right behind my stomach. I tapped into it and instantly I felt different. No longer was I woozy, in fact, I felt great. I could also hear, see, and smell better too. I tried to ask Grandpa what happened, but all that came out was a WOOF! Now I panicked. Just now I realized that my ears were pointed, and I had a tail that was happily wagging in the breeze. Dad came out with a big towel as Grandpa told me how to get human again. Basically I had to find the feeling again.
Over time Grandpa said I could do this on the fly, which means super quick. Once I was back inside and clothed I took a look at myself in the mirror. Before I was short and pudgy, but now I was about 6'4", lean, and muscular. My hair was longer and the natural red highlights in my dark brown hair were more pronounced. My eyes had turned a silvery-blue from their original brown. I was also tanner, like end of summer, golden tan. I looked older too, more like nineteen instead of sixteen. After a long discussion with Grandpa, I knew four things. I was a shape-shifter, I was the first female to do this, I was Alpha, and I was to protect the village.
This brings us back to present day. My closest friends had all under gone the change as well: Brandon, Shea, Tim, Aaron, Kyle, and Drake. None of us looked alike in wolf form, but we knew we were all meant to work together. Last week we had caught the scent of something sweet. So sweet it made us sick. When we got back from patrol, I called Grandpa and asked about it. He said it was Vampires. I thought those things were just part of our tribal legends, but just like the wolf thing I guess I was wrong.
Tim was out on patrol when he called me. "Ryan, it's back. I think we should all meet out here and figure out what's going on." Tim is my second in command, so I take everything he says into consideration.
"Good idea Tim, I'll be right there with everyone."
He hung up and I quick tied my extra clothes to my leg and changed. Outside I let out a loud long howl. Within a few seconds I heard everyone's voices in my head.
What's wrong Ryan?
Yeah, I was just about to have dinner.
Oh save it Aaron, we have a bigger problem. I snapped at all of them. Instantly their bickering stopped. Tim and Drake have found the scent again so we are all going to go follow it.
Everyone nodded and fell into their places behind me. We met Tim and Drake a mile from the village in a snowy clearing in the woods.
It's definitely the same one or ones as before Ryan, thought Drake.
Ok we'll have to keep an eye on this...* I was stopped mid-sentence by a rustling in the bushes fifty feet from us. Out stepped three extremely pale men with crimson eyes.
"Well Children of the Moon, we meet again. What has it been, sixty years or so?" The Middle one spoke. He looked like he was staring at something intently and his eyes seemed like they were going to pop out of his head.
"Aro, Master, these are not the same ones. See how the leader is a different color, and his markings are different too," said the one on the left. How dare he call me a guy, I just want to go over there and sock him one, but that would not be setting a good example.
"Aro, I hate to admit it, but Felix is right. Plus they smell funny too."
Brandon, I want you to go and get Grandpa. Maybe he knows who these freaks are. He took off toward the village.
That Aro guy looked at me. "Oh leader of the Children of the Moon, please come near me so that I may communicate with you." I shook my head and held up one paw, signaling him that I was waiting for my friend to return. He nodded and started a quiet conversation with his partners. Within seconds Grandpa was charging through the woods in full wolf furry. Trust me looking at a mad solid black Werewolf is not pleasant.
"Ah, this one I do recognize," stated that other guy. "Come let us talk." Grandpa went and changed back to a human, then came back towards Aro.
"Aro we meet again," Started Grandpa, "Hopefully on more friendly terms this time."
"I'm afraid not Hank. You see your time is up, now there is no one left to carry on your legacy."
"There you are mistaken Aro." Turning to me he added, "Ryan, go change and then come join us." I nodded and went into the woods.
"I do not remember a Ryan from last time Hank."
"That is because these seven were not born yet." I returned and the three Vampires gasped.
"She is a girl!" Exclaimed the one whose name I did not know yet.
"Of course I am stupid. Not everything is going to be the same as it was sixty years ago."
"Watch your tongue young one," snapped what's-his-name. "Children are punished where we come for talking the way you do."
Ignoring him I turned to my grandpa. "Grandpa," I asked, "Who are these people, what do they want, and how do they know you?"
"My dear, sweet, naïve little child, your grandpa and I have some unsettled business to take care of from his past. As for whom we are, I am Aro, this is Felix, and this is Demetri. We are Vampires from Italy; of the noblest blood of all, the Volturi." I snickered. In an instant that Demetri dude had me pinned to the ground with a knee on my chest and a hand on my throat. Grandpa immediately hauled him off of me.
"Don't you ever touch her," he growled, standing protectively in front of me.
"Hank you have debts to pay up. So we will do what we came here to do and be gone." Aro smiled.
"You will have to go through me first to get to the village."
"Us too," I chimed in, sounding more confident then I felt.
"Oh, but we don't need to. Because while you were wasting your time here talking we sent our division around behind you to attack. Can't you hear and feel the screams?" Laughed Demetri.
In my heart I knew he was right. There was a horrible pain in my chest, as if all of my people were crying out at one time. I had failed to do my job. I clutched at my heart and went down to the ground in agony. Grandpa was instantly at my side, and as one, all of my friends started to move forward.
"No!" yelled Grandpa, "Go to the village, protect it. Don't let anything stop you." When they hesitated he used his old Alpha power and laced it with his voice. "GO!" They all turned toward the village and ran.
"Aro I will take whatever you decide to throw at me but let my granddaughter go free.
"I would love to do that for you Hank, but she is too much of a liability for us. She must either die with you, or come with us." Felix was at my throat with a knife and my arm twisted behind my back.
"Grandpa, don't worry about me." I struggled to say without getting my throat slashed open.
"Ryan I love you. Always remember that." Turning to Aro he added, "Take her with you. At least I know she will be kept safe."
"As you wish Hank...good bye my old friend." With that Demetri snapped my grandfather's neck and burned his body right in front of me. I did not realize I was crying until Aro wiped the tears from my face. "Come now young one, we are off to your new life." At the time, I didn't know how new it would be.

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