Your Superman Tonight FULL STORY

Okayy this is from the very beginning to the latest chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"I was fine til 7:05 when she walked out the door and out of my life..." I sang getting all into it with Nick Jonas would... yea i am just that cool... pshh yea riiightt. I am a 17 year old that has never been asked out or kissed.... I am what you call... a fail. But whatever I am hoping God would just you know give me the right guy right off the bat. I hope. All of my friends have had boyfriends and had their hearts broken.. oh what fun that has been let me tell you. But it's cool... (not really...) After a while you feel like somethings wrong with you... but I don't really know what else to do. I am not fat.... I don't have acne ... my hair isn't frizzy... i don't think i am THAT ugly... I mean really... but then again there are no guys in my school I like that fit me..
I wake up get a shower and get ready.. one last look in the mirror... looking normal... thats me normal. I am dressed in a tshirt hoodie and skinny jeans with converse.I get outside and it's raining ... GREAAATTT and I have to walk to school. Normally its really nice walking but not on days like these cause my school is like 2 miles away... ugh. I just start walking to school putting in my ipod and I get the chills because of the rain and wind. I get to school just in time for homeroom, i spent my day not paying attention in class, being damp and helping my friends with there crushes... Finally it was the end of the day and my friends have no room on their cars so I have to walk home... GREAT ANNDDD it's even colder and more rainy out!! I started my journey home by sticking in my ipod and walking out the door. I started shaking as soon as I got out of the school. I started my walk home I was almost home when I had the strangest feeling someone was watching me .... I turned around and say no one there ....I start running, sprinting even.. then I step in a puddle, slip and fall into the middle of the street. I look up to not see anyone but a car coming at me. SHI+ ! I roll out of the way of the car just in time and hit my arm in the street hard. I definitely heard a crack... oh yay shooting pain ! I am sitting on the side of the road holding my arm almost in tears, when I hear "Are you okay?" I look up to see a face... a boys face? It hurts too much to speak so i shake my head yes. I don't really like people knowing I'm hurt. I thought the boy walked away but he leaned down and said "you don't look okay, do you want a ride home?" he didn't wait for me to answer, he picked me up and put me into his car. He started driving, and asked where I lived.. with my other arm i pointed to my house. When he stopped, I got out, tried to smile , turned and walked towards my house. The boy comes up behind me and says "Let me help you okay?" I nod and open the door to my house to let the stranger in...I went into my house, alost slipped because of the wetness on my shoes but the mysterious boy caught me. I flinched when he touched my broken arm.. "Omg! I am so sorry... okay.. here sit down here and i am gonna get you some ice." he says and goes off into my kitchen... where do I know him...? ..... ohmygod... he ... he is nick jonas... omg... when Nick comes back i decide to finally talk... i meant to speak normal but it came out as a raspy kinda whisper, "Thanks" i said. He just smile and sat next to me.. I guess I was crying because he wiped the tears from my face.. "I am so sorry I almost hit you! I didn't see you .. I didn't know-" he started but then I cut him off, "No.. it's okay.. I get it.. umm and your Nick Jonas right?" I ask. "Yup.. you a fan?" he asks smiling. "Yeaa! I love you guys and can I ask you a question.." I say "Yea sure.." he says lookiing into my eyes CLICK ... wth was that?? whatever.. "Umm can you take me to the hospital?" I ask.

Hahahaha! My friends are seriosuly crazy. We are in town at night and we decide to by marshmallow shooters and try to hit each other from across the street. SO MUCH FUN! So me and my friend Melissa were on one side and Torie and Beth were on the other.. me and mel were winning. I shoot at Torie she ducked behind a car and it hit some dude in the head.. ohh crap.. He looks over at me and I dug behind a car saying "EEP!" Torie, Mel and Beth are now laughing hysterically. I really hope this guy doesn't find me... "Did you just hit me with a marshmallow ? " i hear a voice say.. I look up to see an amazing gorgeous guy.. i think his name is Joe... Joe Jonas. I let out a giggle.. "Umm yeaa sorry bout that. I was aiming for my friend and she ducked.. " I say. He smiles and starts laughing. "here I will help you up!" he says. He sticks out his hand and helps me up. He is sooo hot!!! "Oh by the way, I am Danii." I say smiling.. "oh i am Joe.." he says."Yea I know.. You are in the Jonas Brothers.. and a huge heart breaker.." I say He looks offended.. "I am not-" but i cut him off.. "So tell me this ... have you ever been dumped since you became a star?" I ask.. He thinks for a minute and realizes I am right... and doesn't say a word. "My point proven." I smile. "But that doesn't define me.." He says. "oh I know.. I don't judge completely until I know the person personally." I say..smirking. "Are you saying we should get to know each other..?" he asks smiling "If you want.." I say. "Then lets go.." he says holding his hand out.. I look back at my friends who are laughing and mouthing "GO!" I look at him and nod. He takes my hand and walks with me down the street. After we talk for a while he says "So u wanna go on a date tomorrow?" and I say "yea , here is my number and address. " he nods and says "here is my address incase something happens." I nod .. he drives me home and I go home go to sleep and dream happy dreams.I wake up with a text from Joe (phone convo)
Joe- Heyyy WAKKE UPP!!
Me- Dude I am up .. chill
Joe- it's too cold to chill.
Me - You're hilarious
Joe- I know they call me the funny one
Me- Loser
Joe - :(
Me- I was kidding
Joe- iknoww :) and btw I am picking you up at 5
Me- okaay :D
Joe- See ya then!!!
Me- Bye
I look at my phone.. its 1:30 in the afternoon! omg.. what am I going to wear?? I text my friends to come over and help my pick out an outfit.. we finally got one. I let my hair down. My friends left at 4:55 just in time for Joe to come. I sit on the couch turn on the Tv and watch Aladdin which was on my favorite channel... I finished the whole movie looked at the time and it was 7:30. My eyes filled with tears, I got stood up. NO ONE .. EVER DOES THIS TO ME! I grab my keys jump into my car and ride to Joe house.. I call him before I go in , he doesn't answer... I walk up to the house.. but before I can even knock I look into the window..Joe... he was kissing some ... chick.. wow.. I knew he was a heart breaker.. I jumped into my car started it and sped to my house. I ran in, ran into my room and called Joe, and left him a message. "Joe.. umm.. this is Danii.. I just wanted to tell you to NEVERR EVER call or text me again or even bother to show up at my house.. I was gonna give you a chance... and I regret doing it. I guess I will always be second or third best never first but who cares your JOE JONAS .. you're a super star you don't have a care in the world... so whatever...bye." I hung up. I sat on my bed grabbed a pillow and cried into it.... My friends texted me to see how the date went and I never texted back..they called never called back.. before I knew it, it was morning. I looked into the mirror, I looked like shi+... but whatever... I jumped into the shower and when I got out I heard a knock at the door.

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