What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story ever written on Quibblo! I began writing it in a notebook and decided to post it on here one night. :)

Sad disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!

Enjoii ;)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Truth Comes Out

by: MrsRadke
Since we got back so late from the premiere, Vicki just decided to sleepover. We had already changed into our pajamas, well in our cases just shorts and t-shirts. We were laying down on the floor watching a movie, eating popcorn, when I got a phone call. I picked up my phone, looked at the number, but decided not to answer because I didn't know the number. I threw it a couple inches to the side and continued watching the movie. "Aren't you gonna get that?" she asked looking at me. "No." I said, sounding bored. "Answer, it's probably Taylor." she said, saying his name with excitement. I just rolled my eyes and reached over to answer. I picked it up on the last ring.
Me: Hello?
Taylor: Hey Kimmy!
(I could hear him smiling as he said my name.)
Me: Taylor?
Taylor: Yup
"It's him." I mouthed to Vicki. "Speaker!" she whisper- shouted to me. I put it on.
Me: So what's up?
Taylor: Just wanted to here your voice.
I breathed in and out heavily, "awww that's so cute!" Vicki said. I just looked at her.
Me: Cool............ ummmm not to be rude, but I'm kinda in the middle of something, sooooo did you want anything specific?
Taylor: Yeah actually I do, would you like to have breakfast with me tomorrow?
"Say yes!" she actually shouted at me. I think Taylor heard, because he was laughing on the other end.
Me: Well I think my answer's already decided for me, so it doesn't matter anyways.
Taylor: So you will?
Me: I guess
Taylor: Really?! Thanks
Me: For
Taylor: Giving me a second chance.
Me: It is NOT a second chance, we're just seeing how it goes as FRIENDS.
Taylor: That's still fine with me.
Me: Okay, are you gonna pick me up or what?
Taylor: Yeah sure, where do you live.
Me: I'll text you my address, it's about 45 minutes from LA though.
Taylor: Whatever, I like long rides though, more time for talking.
Me: Uh- huh
Taylor: Well I'll see you tomorrow at 8 then.
Me: 8?
Taylor: What too early?
Me: No, just not long to get ready, but whatever.
Taylor: Alright, see you.
Me: Late.
I pressed 'end' and slid my phone up to text him my address. Once I was done I closed it and dropped it on my pillow and continued watching the movie. I reached my hand over to the popcorn bowl, but Vicki snatched it away before I could take some. "Can I have the bowl?" I asked her politely. "No, now tell me why you don't even seem happy for this date, this is Taylor Lautner girl!" she said shaking my shoulders. "I don't do why." I told her with my teeth ground together. "No, you just have to Kimberly, you have to this time!" she said, her eyes told me not to test her on this one. "You really wanna know?" I asked her, sitting up straight. "Yes!" she said, still irritated too. "Fine." I spat. I looked at her, she was excited on the inside, but her outside was serene, probably not wanting to make me change my mind. I took the remote and turned off the T.V. "Alright.......... the following conversation NEVER happened, agreed?" I threatened. "Agreed." she said quietly.
"Well, it was back in 2006, at Miranda Adam's 15th birthday party. She happened to be having a house party at her mansion, literally. Well when I got there I went inside and talked and danced with my friend Daniella for a good hour or so. After a while I asked her if she knew where Taylor was and she said he was with Miranda in the basement. I decided to go downstairs and find him. I was not even on the bottom step yet when I saw them..............kissing. If you could even call it that......." I couldn't finish my sentence before I started tearing up. Vicki came over and pulled me into a hug. I usually don't like it when people touch me, but now I needed it so much I honestly didn't care. I was still crying as I spoke again, "and me being the smart person I am, I decided to confront him. I walked up to them and tapped him on the shoulder. I'll never forget what he said to me next, 'Oh good Lord, you? Ok, look, let's get something straight. I DON'T LOVE YOU. We were playing a joke on you since like, forever. How could I even begin to love someone like you with this smokin hot chick standing right next to me. He pulled her back into a kiss. After that I couldn't stand it anymore, I ran out of the house crying hysterically. I remember driving back to my house and walking inside. No one was home, and I saw one of my dad's pocket knives on the kitchen table so I picked it up and.............. well.............. I did this." I said turning my arms around to show her my faded scars. She gasped when she saw, "why are there so many?" she asked me softly, trying to comfort me and get answers at the same time. "Because I cut myself for the past year, I stopped when I met you, I thought you wouldn't be my friend anymore. I never told anyone else that because they'd judge me too." I said. She only held me tighter, "hey you know I'll never judge you, I love you like the sister I never had. Don't worry I'll be here for you, whether you need me to plan a wedding or help pick out an outfit, or kick some suckers butt." she said smiling. She always knew how to cheer me up. "Can we got to bed now?" I asked her. She just nodded and went to get up and turn off the lights. As I layed there and slept, I dreampt of nothing, nothing but all the pain and suffering he's caused me over these past years.
I'm really hoping karma is the one who ends up saving the day.
authors note: so far this 1 is meh fav lol, its jus all in depth, well at least i think so :)
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