What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story ever written on Quibblo! I began writing it in a notebook and decided to post it on here one night. :)

Sad disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!

Enjoii ;)

Chapter 2

Present Time- November 20, 2008

by: MrsRadke
"Are you excited or what?" Vicki, my best friend for life, asked me. "I'm gonna have to go with 'or what'." I told her in a monotone. "Come on, this is the red carpet premiere of Twilight! You've got to be at least a little excited." she said putting sparkles all in her hair. "Not even, Twilight can go suck it." I told her calmly, tying a strap on my high heel. "Dude, why do you hate it so much? What did it ever do to hurt you?" She asked while packing things into her purse. "Not what, who." I mumbled only to myself. "What?" she asked me. "Nothing, just nothing. Can we go now?" I asked, really irritated. "Ugh, fine. At least try to cheer up." she said as we walked out the door.
"We're here!" Vicki squealed excitedly. "Someone pop the champange!" I exclaimed sarcastically. We got out of the car and stepped out onto the famous, Hollywood red carpet. Even though we weren't really famous, the papparazzi still took pictures and shouted questions at us. I'm surprised how much they knew, one asked us, "Kimberly, Victoria, over here! Is your band releasing new songs anytime soon?" That surprised me though, we've only made like four songs and I thought only our friends knew about them. "I guess the papparazzi really do their research." Vicki said smiling and giving one of those retarded princess waves. I slapped her hand down. "Dude, you're just making a fool of yourself." I said crossing my arms. "Oh don't be such killjoy, have some fun! We're in Hollywood baby! And I think I see Taylor Lautner over there." she said pointing and biting her lip slightly. "Taylor Lautner's in this?" I asked her quietly. "Yeah, and he is hot as h3ll!" she said laughing a little. I finally decide to look over there and sure enough, it was him. I couldn't look for longer than a few seconds though, or all those painful memories would come flooding back. My eyes began tearing a little, but I quickly wiped them away before Vicki saw. We were past the red carpet and now at the door of the theater. Vicki was very prepared, she had already handed the guard her ticket. "Kiki, don't you have yours?" she asked turning towards me. "Yeah I do, in this bottomless pit of a thing you call a purse." I said rumaging through it in a hurry. I saw it at the way bottom. I was just about to grab it when someone bumped into me and made me drop my entire purse. "Dammit!" I said quietly, no need to get kicked out for cussing. I bent down to pick it up but someone had already gotten it and was dusting it off. "I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous about tonight." she said tremulously. I stood back up straight to see who it was.
"Kristen Stewart?" I asked her stupidly. "I sure hope so.........ummm do I know you from somewhere? You look strangely fimiliar." she said scrutinizing my face oddly. "Well I don't recall ever meeting you." I said, feeling a little akward. Just then he came by and drapped his arm over Kristen's shoulders. "Hey Kris, Rob told me to come get you, we're gonna start the Q&A now." he said. He glanced over at me, but then he looked back with newfound intrest. "Kimberly?!" he asked me with a grin spreading from ear to ear. "Yup." I said popping my 'P'. He took his arm off Kristen's shoulders and pulled me into one of his bear-tight hugs, which has apperently gotten ALOT tighter. "OMG Taylor I can't breathe." I managed to choke out. He released me, but still stood terribly close. "Wait a minute, wait a minute, how do you guys even know each other?" Vicki asked me looking a little awestruck, and jealous. "We WERE like best friends when we were little." I said putting emphisis on the 'were'. I think he noticed because his smile dropped ever so slightly that only I noticed. He took another look at me, "you haven't changed at all! Well except the hair." he said pointing at it. "Yeah....... wish I could say the same about you." I said, not making eye contact. He tried to look me in the eyes, but I wouldn't let him. "Taylor we have to get going." Kristen said to him. "Oh yeah, well ummm, can I have your number? Maybe we can catch up sometime soon." he said sounding hopeful. I didn't want to be rude so I agreed. He handed me his phone and I added my number. "Thanks............ well I guess I'll see you around." he said flashing me that same adorable smile he used to when we were little. I couldn't believe that even now it still had the same effect on me. "Sure........" I said in a small trans of my very own. He hugged me one more time, kissed me on the cheek, and left. Once I was sure he was out of sight, I profuriously wiped my cheek with back of my hand. "That's so icky!" I exclaimed. Vicki just looked at me with her mouth hanging wide open. "What?" I asked her, a little annoyed. "You've got to be kidding me, Taylor freaking Lautner just kissed you and you wipe it off?!?" I just nodded my head silently, which probably confused her more. I handed the guard my ticket and we went inside. We found seats in the second to the back row, my favorite place to sit for movies. "Well, why?" she asked me while they showed the commercials. I still didn't respond, I just put my face in my hand and tried to hold back the tears when the title showed up and the screen.
(authors notez: ok so did u guys like this one? I wrote it in like 2 hours so srry if its not too good, anyways 2 thing, the girl in the pic is how kimmy looks now and the girl in the chapter 1 pic is how she looked wen she was nine, and also, some of u guys are probly wondering wat happen between taylor and kimmy. i will explain in like part 3 or 4 so just, hold on, gimme time, ;) lol
oh! and 1 more thing, ill get a pic of vicki for the next chapter
ok ummm thts bout it! comment plz plz plz sleigh bells!!!!! ;))))))

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