Fallen Angel Society

The year is 3666. Human kind no longer exists. They have joined the ranks of Demon & Angel. But there are few that fall...
When an Angel falls, they are taken to an Angel society or they are killed by the Demons. Out of 100, 90 of them would make it. The other 10, well, most possibly they'd all die, unless they're extremely lucky.
I'm Saciel, Lieutenant of the Water fraction. I was once one extremely lucky Angel. But, that was long ago.



Chapter 2

Captured Hearts

by: Cozy_Glow
I flew into some dark clouds & descended slowly to the ground. Well, if you could call 'thorns' the ground. I grimanced. Nothing worse than a couple a hundred thorns in your feet.
I walked onto a road & hid in an alley way. I held my breath as 3 girl Demons walked by. They were chatting about nail polish & Angel blood. I sneered a silent remark. Once they had disappeared, I silently began to zip along the side walk. However, the girls hadn't gone very far at all & caught me as I turned a corner.

"Gotcha" one girl screamed, stabbing my arms with her 4cm nails. "What now, Erin?"
"Well" the girl called Erin replied. "He's definately an Angel" she pulled at my wings & smiled cheekily. She lifted my chin. "What do you think?"
I looked into her yes. "I wanna be let go"

The girls erupted with laughter. The thought of letting me go was a hilarious joke. I had to get out of thier hands, but 4cm nails kept digging into my arms. Erin gently placed a nail against my neck. I didn't like what she said next.

"I think" Erin purred, pushing her nails harder into my neck. "A dead Angel is a good Angel!"

I felt a stabbing pain in my neck & something wet. I realised it was my own blood...

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