Fallen Angel Society

The year is 3666. Human kind no longer exists. They have joined the ranks of Demon & Angel. But there are few that fall...
When an Angel falls, they are taken to an Angel society or they are killed by the Demons. Out of 100, 90 of them would make it. The other 10, well, most possibly they'd all die, unless they're extremely lucky.
I'm Saciel, Lieutenant of the Water fraction. I was once one extremely lucky Angel. But, that was long ago.



Chapter 11

Revival for my Love

by: Cozy_Glow
I felt like I was floating, light & airy. There was no breeze, but a light coolness swept over me. I smiled.


I looked around in a daze. Who was tha? I wondered, sleepily. As I sailed back to sleep, it called, this time, stronger. I twirled around, scared & curious. Who was calling my name & why?

"Please, Sacial, come back!"

I was wrenched towards the ground. I tried to glide back up, but the voice wrenched harder & stronger each time, pulling me towards it. There was nothing I could, except to fall straight into the floor, which I did. Blinding hot light surrounded me & it became hard to breathe.
When I opened my eyes, in a rush of breathe & life, a familiar figure wrapped her arms around me, crying. I looked around; I was attached to a machine. I patted Angeni's hair, staring in shock at it.

"Its to help you" Hannah, the head nurse, said, smiling. "And to keep us safer."
"What' it do?" I croaked.
"It keeps the Dark Angel out & you alive" she sighed, patting the machine. "But, it'll take a while. You suffered some nasty..." she stopped.

I gently pushed Angeni back & looked at myself. I was bandaged from head to toe, nearly. I smiled. I could've been worse. After all, I was alive & had Angeni once more, thanks to my Angel, or should I say, Demon, Erica.

I smiled, holding Angeni close. "I promise to never hurt you again."
"You won't" she smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek. "I know you won't!"

The End

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