Fallen Angel Society

The year is 3666. Human kind no longer exists. They have joined the ranks of Demon & Angel. But there are few that fall...
When an Angel falls, they are taken to an Angel society or they are killed by the Demons. Out of 100, 90 of them would make it. The other 10, well, most possibly they'd all die, unless they're extremely lucky.
I'm Saciel, Lieutenant of the Water fraction. I was once one extremely lucky Angel. But, that was long ago.



Chapter 1

Angel Sky & Demon Land

by: Cozy_Glow
"Saciel!" Angeni whispered, gently shacking me. "Pangari wants to see you now."

I groaned in protest, but I got up anyway. I couldn't argue with my sister, afterall. She deffinately lived up to "Angelic". I swiftly walked along the light hallways to the flight balcony. I spread my wings into the air & jumped. My white wings glimered in dawn's light as I flapped & glided through the air towards the Guard tower.
As I flew, a flaming arrow flew past me, inches from my nose. Angeni flew towards me, dodging arrows that flew in dozens. She was struck & fell, noiseless, towards the ground. I dove towards her & carried her to the tower.

"I've got you" I whispered in her little ear. "Don't fear. You'll be alright."

I flew into the tower & placed her, gently, on a couch. I smiled at her delicate, sleeping face. I walked up 2 flights of marble stairs & into a shining room. Oangari was talking to the General, when I walked in.

"Saciel" Pangari said, gently. "I see you got my message"
"I did" I replied. "The demons are attacking. Also, Angeni was shot"
"I'm sorry for her injury" the General said, gruff with sympathy.
"Well, I;ll tell you why your here" Pangari sighed. "We need you to go down to Demon Land"
"What?!" I shouted.
"Listen!" the General growled. "We've lost many people in Demon Land & we've just lost Pangaris' daughter, a junior lieutenant & a young girl"
I sighed.
"Please" Pangari pleaded.
I stood straight. "I will" my wings burst open & I ran out & off the balcony...

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