FALLING FOR A KILLER vampire diaries story

Name: Shannon Edwards
Age: 17 and a half
best friend: Elena
Family: dead
Hair Color: Blonde
Hobies: Singing dancing and writting stories about vampires.

Chapter 1

Moving to Mystic Falls

by: frex
I was sitting in the back seat of a taxi on my way to my best friend’s house where her Aunt Jenna is allowing me to stay. I’m staying their now because my parent’s died by an animal attack. The thought of it still brought tears to my eyes; I let one tear escape before quickly whipping it from my cheek. Elena doesn’t know that I’m coming Jenna said she wanted it to be a surprise as the text pulled up to the house, I made sure their was know tears in my eyes and I was ready to go. As I paid the taxi driver I went and grab my bags from the boot of the car. I saw the car drive off as I got to the front door.
Ding dong. The door bell rang; Jenna was the one to answer it. She put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet. I put my bag by the stairs and I stood behind Jenna hidden away from anyone else.
“Jenna is mine and Jeremy’s surprise hear yet?” Elena asked sitting on Stefan’s lap. While Jeremy was sitting on the sofa next to Damon.
“In fact your surprise is hear.” Jenna said with a huge smile on her face as she stepped to the side revealing me to everyone. Elena jumped up at the site of me and came running towards me and swept me into a huge hug. I felt 6 eyes staring at us. I opened my eyes to see Jeremy and these two other guy’s I’ve never seen before.
“Oh I’m sorry this is Stefan, Damon and you know Jeremy.” Elena introduced me to everyone.
Stefan held out his hand for me to shake. “Hi I’m Stefan it’s nice to meat you...” “Shannon, my names Shannon and it’s nice to meet you to.” I smiled sweetly getting lost in those leafy green eyes of his. I let go of his hand as it felt like I was holding it for way to long.
“”It’s a pleasure to meat you Shannon.” Damon said grabbing my hand and gave it a light kiss.
“It’s nice to meet you Damon. I’m sorry this might sound rude but have we met you look formulae to me?” I asked with a confused look on my face.
“I don’t think so; I always remember a pretty face.” Damon smiled at me giving my hand another kiss, God he was hot well both of them were but Damon had these eyes you could look into and see no end to them. As soon as he let go of my hand Jeremy came over giving me a hug welcoming me. Damon and Stefan deiced to leave and let me get settled in, Jeremy left as well as he said he was meeting Vicky at the grill. Elena helped me with my bags and showed me to my room. Elena had been my best friends since I was little. Elena said she would stay and help me unpack by the time we had finished it was dark out, so I decided to get some sleep, skipping dinner.

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