getting revenge (damon salvatore)

getting revenge (damon salvatore)


hair:dark brown natrually curly
lenght:above the waist
eyes:blazing blue with a hint of puple edges

Chapter 1

mystic falls

I drove too my new school in mystic falls,virgina in my red porsche i was wearing my denim shorts pink top and white shoes and cadigane i put on my shades and grabbed my bag it was schorching hot today thank god i had on my necklace i got out my car and locked up looking around and saw damon salvatotre just one of the reasons i was in this town for my revenge and i was planning on killing him stefan and his precouis little elena.Damon saw me and double looked i knew why i reminded him of her i took of my shades and he eyes winded i definatly reminded him of her now because we had the same eyes then he compose himself and flased me a sexy smile it was too bad i was going too kill him because he was hot! i turned around to walk into school.It was then i noticed i had a million boys surronding me and elena was staring at me with her little witchy freind bonnie i had done my homework and if i got it right bonnie was a witch elena was human tyler was a werewolfe and caroline was also a vampire like damon and stefan."move" i said pushing away all the guys the wouldnt budge i sighed "MOVE" i shouted then everyone jumped back and i had a isle on each side of me of boys but they wernt all that bad looking espically the werewolve tyler i went into school and got my schduele and locker number i went too my locker and put in my bag and sunglasses and got my new maths book out when i turned around damon was behind me "hey hun, you want something?" i asked he smiled "nah just wanted to introduce myself" he said i leaned up my locker putting one foot up and one on the ground smiling. "Go ahead" "im damon salvatore" he said "sophia but i prefer soph" i replied "nice too meet you" he said "ok cut the ball crap" i replied "what?" he said rasing his eyebrow "i know your kind damon" i said lifting off my locker and walking past him and just as i got to his ear i whispered "because im one of them" and carried on walking to math after i got there damon turned up and sat next too me it was two on a desk.we was 5 minutes into class when i felt his hand run up my leg i smiled at him and let him carry on after all this was part of the plan before i knew it was the end of school at lunch i didnt go to the cafetria i went and had my luch some where else.I walked over to my car and saw damon leaning up it "hey damon" i smiled "what do you want?" i asked he leaned closer and whispered in my ear "you" "mm, mr salvatore that is a bit rude were in the middle of a parking lot" i whispered back he moved his head from my ear and leaned in to kiss me i put my finger on his lips before they met mine "ill see you tomorrow mr.salvatore" i said turning to my car he wrapped his arms around my waist burying his face in my hair "i cant wait that long i want you right now" he said i turned around "well then come too mine tonight and ill see what i can do" i said i told him where i lived and drove home when i got home i got the stake and put it under my pillow then the door knocked i went downstairs and opened it before i could even say come in damon was kissing me i shut the door and he pushed me up the wall i wrapped my legs around his waist after all it was the bedroom i really needed him too be in he carried me upstairs he lay me on the bed and stripped me too my lacy black underwear i stripped him too his boxers.he kissed my neck and i flipped us over i kissed down his stomach and he pushed my hair out the way and i went back up his stomach kissing him again i reached behind the pillow and grabbed the stake then before i knew it the stake was across the room and my arms were above my head "i knew it" he said "hmm, too bad you figured out i was going to kill you because i really was going to give you a good time he hissed showing his fangs and eyes.i flipped us over i was older and stronger than damon i put his arms above his head and hissed too showing my fangs and eyes "well i didnt see that one coming" he said i kissed his neck "are you sure you dont want me before you die damon?" he growled and i llaughed "ill take that as a no" i said cocking my head to the side "why are you here aprt from too kill me and why in the world do you want to kill me?" he said doing that sexy eye thing he does "its not just you itts elena and stefan too" i replied "what did we do?" he asked"you killed my sister after i finally escaped him" i growled thinking about it made me mad "who's your sister?" he asked and in a heavy itailin accent i replied "katherina protreva"

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