Back To Tennessee (girls only)

hiya! so i wanna write this story. hope its good

Chapter 1

It's All Mom's Fault

I walked around in my favorite place. a part in the woods in Arizona. the leaves were changing color and i was in my favorite gold dress. it was strapless and flowy below the bust line. and my white gladiator sandals. the sun was high in the sky, the birds were chirping and everything was peacefully.
"Sophie, wake up!" my mom said and ripped my iphone headphones out of my ears. i opened my eyes to glare at her. why couldn't i just stay happy for one second. i looked out the car window and saw a sign pass by sating "welcome to Tennessee!" i just scowled at it. i looked down at my iphone and decided to text my best friend from Arizona, Taylor.
me: Hey! i hate my mom right now
Tay: why?
me: b/c she made me move to TN!
tay: grl ull be fine! i'll always be there 4 u
me: thnx :)
tay: listen i g2g the game starts in 20! luv ya! bye!
me: good luck! bye
Taylor and I used to play Volleyball together. today was the state championship game. if they won they would be best in state. i was so bummed i had to miss the game. i really hate my mom right now. my name is Sophie Green and my mom, well she's dragging away from my friends and school and happiness because she got a place in Tennessee that would be "perfect" for her new restaurant. her dream has always been that i will do great in life and that she will have her own restaurant some day. its called 'Mel's' original right? anyways back to me, i have blue eyes and blond hair and I'm really tan thanks to the hot Arizona sun. I'm gonna miss that sun. i'm 16 years old, i used to have a boyfriend but now it's over because i had to move. i don't do long distance. and the most important thing you need to know about me, I don't want to be here. i was born here, so technically this is home. but i don't care. i have lived in Arizona since i was 4 up until now. i lived in Denver for a year when i was 3, so i only lived in Tennessee for 2 years so it's not like i remember it or anything. but all i know is i only have 2 years and i am out of here and off to the college of my dreams. University of Australia. yup, Australia. far away i know but it would be so cool to to College there! i want to be a writer or a singer. i'm not sure yet. i'm kind of a spur of the moment person. thats one great thing about me. you never know what to expect. I love reading. i have my own mini library, as i call it. i have over 100 books. it's a passion of mine. sitting by the pool reading a good book in a hot bikini. who says you can't be smart and beautiful? because i can totally prove them wrong. not that i think i'm beautiful. i'm not ugly but i am no where near as pretty as that snob back at my old school Liza Burnheart, and yes thats her real name. she is head cheerleader, model, and school it girl. everyone wants to date her and everyone wants to be in her group except me and Tay of course. thats why we are such good friends. we don't go for all the popularity. maybe a group of friends but not a swarm. i don't like to be stared at either. unless i'm singing. cause then i can just sing and be hidden behind a veil of music. i almost never see my dad. he is in the marines and so he is almost never home. i only get to see him every 4 years for Christmas. that's it. but i video chat with him and talk with him on the phone whenever i get the chance to. I love him so much that it's hard not having him around. but you have to make sacrifices. everyone does. one sacrifice i had to make was losing my brother. His name is Luke, and he is 19. he's at college now, and he never comes home. he got in a huge fight with my dad the christmas before he went to college about how he didnt want to be in the marines like my dad, that he wanted to go to school and become a photographer. he was amazing at photography. he really gets nature, so his pictures have a deepness you can sense in them. it's amazing. did i mention that i am a total movie buff? i have seen all the good movies. i own a lot too.
"I know you're angry with me Sophie. but you are going to like it here. i promise" she said and smiled. i just stared out the window and turned my music up louder. i was listening to Crank it up by Ashley Tisdale. i was wearing my short black shorts and a tight black tank top with black high top converse. i wore all black because i was not happy about the move. i'm not goth or emo. i just sometimes like to wear black. my hair was down and my make up was light. it was weird being in the car for 2 straight days. my mom didn't want to pay for a hotel for the night so we both took turns driving and sleeping. we are finally arriving at the house. it's huge! my room is huge! i have a queen sized bed a tv with a couch. a desk with THE NEW MACBOOK AIR? wow my mom really went all out. this doesn't mean i forgive her for making us move. it made it better but i didnt forgive her. yet. the layout of the house is amazing. there is a living room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a hot tub, 4 bathrooms, a rec room, a barn, an open back yard, a little fenced area that used to be used for training horses, and a library! thats right we have a library. full of books. and all these books had been on my birthday wish list. my mom had gotten all of them. of course! she was trying to butter me up! she wanted me to like it here and like her again. ugh. it's working and thats what i hate. i decided i needed to get away from her. so i walked out the back door and walked into the barn. my mom will probably refurbish this space and turn it into a special area for her. i was just walking through the barn, not really paying attention to my surroundings when i heard a noise. i noise i haven't heard since i stayed the summer with my grandparents in Texas. it startled me! i swung around and saw.................

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