The Beast of Bray Road

I posted this story maybe last week. I posted it on DeviantART and they really liked it so I thought you guys would like it. It's about the Beast of Bray Road which originated in Wisconsin and no one has proved it's existence.

© 2010 ; Me, all rights reserved.

Chapter 1

Simple Curiosity...

by: Special
I liked my life. Most seventeen-year-old guys would find it boring, but I liked it. I lived on a farm with my parents. I loved them along with my friends and pets. I was happy. I was adventurous and curious though. One day my adventurous nature changed my life forever.

One day, me and my friends were telling ghost, vampire, and murder stories in my friend Jack's room. Jack was one of my good friends but his cocky nature got to me sometimes. He lived down the road from me along with my other friend, Devin. Devin was a.. I wouldn't say coward, but he was a chicken when it came to myths and stuff. But overall he was just as curious as me. And I was very surprised he was the one who started to tell the story of the Beast of Bray Road. As he told the story it sent a chill down my spine. As he was telling it, Jack got this smile on his face... and if you knew Jack like I did... you would hate his smile.

"Jack, you better wipe that smile off your face..," I said as he started to rub his hands together like he had a plan, "I never like your stupid smile.."

Jack then said what I knew he was going to. "Let's go to the woods."

"No frikkin way, Jack," Devin said, "You're crazy if you think you think you are going to find The Beast."

"Fine, scardy-cats, just stay here and I'll go looking for it myself," He said getting up and packing his bag. As we watched him pack his bag, he was putting on his act that he would always do to get us to usually cave in. "And watch me take all the credit when I get proof of the monster. Or what if I don't make it back? You'll all have to think about how you LET me die and how it was all you're fault and I would have lived if my so-called "friends" were there to back me up and--" And blah and blah and blah, blah, blah..

He went on and on and on and I swear if I could claw off my ears I would have but finally Devin and I just gave up, "Ok! Ok! We'll come!"

We all knew Jack's parents would never have let him out this late, so he opened his window and we all just snuck out. I admit fully that we were stupid. We were only wearing jeans, tee-shirts, and Columbia jackets. And the only things we brought with us was a flashlight, a pistol, and a video camera.

We were walking in the woods down a travel path that was cut out for tourist needs but wasn't used anymore. As we were walking down the path, Jack decided that he would take the gun, Devin would take the camera (because he can't shoot worth a crap), and I would take the flashlight. Devin and I shared glares toward Jack but kept quiet about it. We weren't going to risk him talking for ten minutes straight again..

The brush beneath us popped and cracked as we walked. Soon we came to a part in the paths. One went down the hill and the other went uphill. Devin thought that it would be a good idea if we split up to look to see if there were any signs of The Beast (horrible Scooby-Doo moment). So, Jack went downhill by himself and Devin and I went uphill.

As Devin and I walked he got really nervous. He was videotaping while I was ahead of him. I tried to ignore the annoying blinking of the red light from the camera. Plus, I never liked being on camera or videotaped, it was one of my pet-peeves. I finally spoke as I was pushing back oncoming branches, "Can you put that stupid camera away?"

"No way, dude.. What-- What if The Beast shows up?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "We'd be dead...," I said irritated, "Now put it-- ...What was that?" I might have been hearing things but I could have swore on my entire allowance that I heard a cry or a scream.

"Don't play games with me, man!," Devin yelled at me.

"Shut the hell up! I'm not playing. Be quiet," I said straining my ears. I knew I heard something. I wasn't playing games with myself, I knew that. It could have been a screech owl but I've heard screech owls first hand before, and they didn't sound like that. As Devin and I both listened, nothing happened. But then when we relaxed for just a minute we both heard a gun shot and a bloodcurdling scream that went with it.

We didn't even say anything, we just broke out into a run back down hill and when we reached the vertex into the paths ; Devin stopped.

"What are you doing? Come on!," I yelled at him. We were loosing time on finding Jack.

"I don't want to go, man!," He yelled back, "He's dead! Let's just go back!" He still had that frikkin camera pointed at me and recording (because that stupid red light was still flashing). At first I thought he was just playing with me but then I saw that he wasn't playing and that made me mad.

"Just go back?! We aren't leaving till I find him!," I say walking up to him, grabbing him, and pushing him ahead of me. I was stronger than Devin by a long shot, he couldn't fight me.

As we walked ahead, we found Jack. I ran over him and shined the flashlight on him. It was horrible, we couldn't say anything but Devin managed to say, "Oh my God..."

Jacks jacket was ripped of him and his torso was torn to pieces. He had a giant slash on his stomach and it was so deep, I could see the lining of his stomach. There was a giant bite mark on his side where something was eating at him. His face was tore up and half of his face had been consumed by something. Teeth marks were on his arms and legs along with the slashes. He didn't look like Jack, in fact, he didn't look human at all. He was dead and I'm pretty sure he was happy he was dead.

Then we heard a long loud growl. That did not make Devin any better. He immediately just dropped the camera and took off screaming. I was just about to follow because that growl wasn't going away but my loyalty kicked in and I tried picking up Jack. When I picked him up I dropped him because he was so covered in blood that I just lost my grip. I grabbed him by the stomach, trying not to get my hand in his now open intestines though, and lifted him up. When I picked Jack up successfully I started to make a move but right then something with tremendous force knocked me down.

I guess it's the natural "fight-or-flight" response to immediately start to fight back if something is trying to kill you. I was yelling, I was kicking, and I was punching at whatever had me. But nothing, no matter what I did, seemed to even slow down the growling beast. I felt it's massive mouth bite my light leg and I knew those fangs just ruptured my femoral artery. It then bit my stomach and shook me really good and drug me a few feet. I was still fighting. I wasn't going to die without a fight. I kept punching it's nose and eyes but it had no effect. I felt it bite my head and I guess it hurt so bad that I felt no pain. Because I didn't feel it at all. I felt the blood pouring down the side of my face and I did feel one of the teeth tear my ear. And I noticed, right before I passed out, I saw the red light still flashing on the camera. I actually did one little chuckle, closed my eyes, and let go.

Devin only had mild injuries from falling down and bruises from hitting trees. When he told his parents they didn't believe him but the police did find Jack and I's mauled bodies in the woods. Devin stood by it that it was a werewolf, The Beast. The sad thing was that the camera was gone when Devin went to look for it. It was absolutely no where to be found.

Devin described the Beast to the police. Because apparently he did come back to help me but when he did come back he saw the Beast mauling me. Devin said that it was a giant wolf like creature that stood up on it's hind legs. It had glowing red eyes and huge white fangs that showed out of its mouth. It was extremely muscular and fast. He told the investigators that this wasn't a wild animal and that it was something paranormal. But the police and the investigators filed the case as a wolf attack.

My name is Sam. And me and my friend Jack died. It wasn't a wolf attack. It wasn't some murder. Jack and I knew what killed us, and if we could we would appear right next to our friend Devin and say he is telling the truth. But sadly we will never be able to do that and Devin will be scarred for life. He will be haunted till the day he dies that he witnessed his friends be killed by the Beast of Bray Road.


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