I wish this was a love story

I wish this was a love story

This Idea has been floating around im my head for a while. I hope you guys like, its sad though just warning. So if you don't like sad stories you might not wanna read..Enjoy!

1st picture is Meghan

Chapter 1

This is the Chapter with Regret

by: 13elieve

It's honestly not even funny how much I have totally fvcked up in the past year.

It really isnt.

Whatever though....
I hope someone finds this evantually. So someone could know what Im going through and just what exactly It was like to lose her. Losing the most important person in your life you can never really recover from. They always been the pain. If you asked me If I was depressed..I would say no. Depression can't even begin to explain how much regret I feel.

If you like happy stories I suggest you stop reading. This isn't a happy story..This isn't a love story. This is a story about life. And in life not everything is always happy.

September 21st 12:37

I licked the letter close.

Today is probably the happiest I have been in a while knowing everything is gonna end soon. I picked up my messanger bag and combed my dark brown hair which was cut short....She liked it cute short..

That's beside the point...

I slide my legs into the pants she had bought me, for christmas. They were dark warsh jeans a thin material and worn since I had been wearing them constantely. I put a plain white shirt, because white was her favorite color. I put on blue converse cause blue is my favorite color.

I head out the door after that. The sky was dark and it was late, so nobody was around. It had just rained so their were leaves scattered throughout the ground. Dew sprinkled throughout the grass, and streetlights dim. I headed towards the bridge near my house, smiling the entire way.

The walk was short, considering all the stuff running through my head. A couple people strolled through the streets. I couldn't see their faces, but I heard their foot steeps, taping against the pavement. I saw a couple holding hands under a dim streetlight. The girl leaned her head on the guys shoulder, and smiled. He smiled like he was the luckiest guy in the world.

He probably is. I swear it was her. I swear I was her and me, their. I swear that was us...

But it wasn't.

I locked away and kept walking towards the bridge.

Just keep walking.

September 21st 12:49

Im finally at the bridge.. It kinda took longer than I expect probably cause it's hard to see in the dark. This is where me and her went for our first date. Taling and laughing looking over the edge of the bridge. I looked down, the river looks black and cold, their steam rising from it because of the cold. I can see my breath in the cold air

I look around for anyone coming.

There's none.

I drop my messenger bag containing a ton of letters. I swing one leg over the green railing, the paint's chipping in certain places. I swing the other leg over. Im standing looking down, and the dark water. I smile.

Im sick I know.

I close my eyes and smile. Im about to let go then I hear something.

A horribile, horribile noise.

"Hey!!!! WAIT!!! what are you doing!".

I turn around whipping my head, looking for something.

I swear to god it's her.

But it's not

Their's some girl running towards, me her heels a clicking. I've never seen her before in my life. She has brown hair thats curled slightly. She's wearing a blue and black flannel, that fits her well. She has light wash jeans, and a rich suede brown pumps. She's carrying a black purse, big engough to fit a cow.

"What the heII are you doing get down from there!?!?!?!".

"No" I say plainly and simple.

She stares at me like Im crazy. Cause I am.

"..Are you trying to commit sucide?".


"..Dont..please Im sure someone loves you."

"Yeah someone did.." I said.

Its weird how I haven't cried through any of this. The first few months I did. I sometimes do late at night when Im looking at pictures of her and me. I felt something unravel inside of me. Tears formed in my eyes. I don't think she saw them.

"Whats your name".

"Jessie" I said.

"Im Meghan".

"Nice to meet you..now bye" I said turning back to the railing.

"Stop!" she said quickly.

"What?" I said.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Meghan.

"Its a long story.." I said.

"Well jessie..I've got time" she said gesturing around her.

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