A girl who seems just to fade in and out of life, wants nothing more then to have friends and adventurous happy life. That all changes when the family history comes back to haunt. Now with the strange new man in her life. Old wounds will be opened, secrets will be discovered and the chase of her life has just begun. Be careful what you wish for

Chapter 1

The Beginning


My name is Crystal but at school everyone calls me Chris just to bug me. I guess im not normal I don't think I ever was. My life is far from normal now but Ill tell you all about that later. I have curly frizzy brown hair that I hate. Im the average size not very skinny but im far from being big. The only thing I like about me is my green eyes that POP from my tan skin.

I live with my mom, little sister and three older brothers. My little sisters name is faith and shes 6. My older brothers names are Cody Ben and Greg. Cody is 16 Ben is 18 and Greg is 20. We all love each other even though we are always fighting. You see we live in a small house my brother share a room faith and I share a room and my mom has the living room. But we all make it work!

Chapter 1: The Beginning~

I walked to my house after a long day of boring high school, like being a freshmen wasnt hard enough but Tracy Lomany just had to add onto it by calling me Chris and spreading a roomer that im homeless and im not ''at least not yet''

Anyway, as soon as I opened the door I got a instant head-ace. I closed the door and smelled the dinner that my mom was making. I tried to ignore my moms yelling and avoid Cody and Gregs punches to each other. This is a normal day for me. Mom was yelling at Cody and Greg for fighting and was pulling out the 'you never did this when your father was alive' line.

I walked into faiths and my room to see faith playing with her barbies and Ben passed out on my bed with a hangover from last nights drinking and who knows what else. I put my book bag under my bed and left the room after saying hello to faith. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom finishing the dinner she was trying to make for all of us.

''Crystal honey can you set the table for me?'' she asked in a hurried voice.

Mom is always in a hurry to do stuff and never has time to herself or any of us and dating is completely out of the question. I did what she asked to help her and went to the cabinet and got out some plates and placed them on the table putting forks and cups at the sides of them, to tell the truth I love setting the table its so fun and easy. When i was done making the table my mom said dinner was done and ran out the door to her night job.

''Faith!'' I called faith came running into the room and looked up at me smiling. ''wake up Ben tell him its time to eat ok?'' ''ok!'' she answered me in a happy high pitched voice. I smiled seeing her climb onto the bed and jump onto his belly like she did whenever she wanted to wake any of us up. ''Faith!'' I heard Ben yell at her.

Faith went screaming and dashed out of the room to hide behind me. Cody and Greg were still fighting and most likely would be for sometime i would deal with them next. Faith came running and crashed into me followed by a angry Ben.

''Why the hell did you allow her to wake me up'' he yelled in my face his words slightly slurred still from last nights drinking. ''Simple it was easy fast and fun'' I smiled at him ''You little'' he screamed at me ready to hit me. Thats when Cody and Greg came out ''Knock it off Ben!'' Cody yelled at him trying to act older ''Shut your trap'' Ben yelled at him and then turned around and punched Cody in the mouth having him crash into the wall behind him.

Greg tackled Ben to the ground and put him in a choke hold until I announced that dinner was done. Greg slowly let go of Ben ''I told you before lower the violence level around our sisters'' he grimly told Ben ''Whatever'' Ben replied rubbing his neck and sat down at the table.

I walked to the counter and got the food and sat it in the middle of the table. ''Dig in!'' i said happily. When we finished eating I rush faith to bed'' then got ready myself by putting on a baggy shirt and my old gym shorts. I walked into the living room to see them all watching TV ''Goodnight'' I told them sweetly

''hey crystal! hows high school?'' Cody asked as soon as i turned around to walk to the bedroom. ''Boring. Hard unfair'' I told him in a almost soulless voice. ''Yah i remember those days'' Ben said sighing at the TV screen.

You see im the only one going to school my mom has two jobs and still cant really get the bills paid so my brothers dropped out of school to help out. Faith is home school thanks to the neighbor who is also teacher. I have a part time job to pay for high school but mom helps whenever she can. Im trying to get to collage im not going to drop out like my brothers did. I walked into my room and fell into a deep sleep.

~A wired day at Budgys

When i woke up i got out of bed to see that I was late for school again. I pulled my hair back into a messy frizzy pony tail, got dressed and ran out the door. When i got to school I had to deal with more rumors and finally after hours of nothing but being made fun of the best thing that happen all day, the bell rang to let us know that school was over. I rush out and walked to 'Budgys' a store that sold very rare valuable arts and treasures and has a rumor floating around town that the owner bud is a witch. The store looks run down and old but is my favorite place to be in through out the whole town. I went to the back and got my uniform on then walked out to help bud. Im the only one that works here other then bud the owner and it works out. I come here everyday after school for 3 hours and work 12:00am to 12:00pm on weekends. A man dressed in all black walked into the shop and went straight to the counter he looked at me and I swear I thought he wanted to kill me. I hide behind bud and he looked up at the man

''welcome'' he told the man

''is there something you are looking for?'' bud asked the man raising an eyebrow.

''Yes im looking for a very rare amulet that I was told was here'' the man answered in a deep foreign accent

''Oh we just got a amulet shipped here this morning from Rome crystal go to the back and get it out of the box that just came...and DO NOT DROP IT'' he added in a stern voice.

I scurried to the back room and opened the new box weird the only thing in the box was the scary looking amulet. As soon as i touched the amulet a shock formed and hit my body like lightning i let go of it and it fell into the box again.

''what the'' i whispered to myself the thing was glowing now.

I went back to the amulet and tried picking it up again the shock hurt even more this time and when i tried to let go my fingers wouldnt listen. But thankfully after about a minute of the pain caused by the amulet my fingers let go of it and it gently fell back into the box. I walked away from the box and looked around the room finding a towel. I took the towel I found in the back corner of the room and used it to grabbed the strange amulet again. This time I didnt get shocked. Smiling I walked back to the front of the store and set the thing on the counter in front of the man and bud. The man looked at me and smiled evilly at me, scared I backed away.

''sir? Is this it?'' bud questioned.

The man only gave it a slight look and then looked back down at me

''Yes it is'' he smiled

''Ill take it!'' he exclaimed.

''Ok let me go get the box for you Ill be right back''

bud said more to me then to the man. I wanted to follow bud but I knew he wouldnt let me, he hates it when I follow him. So I was left in the room alone with the strange man that looked like he wanted to eat me. I cowered behind the counter waiting for bud to come back. I heard the man laugh and I looked up at him.

''Come here'' he said with a smile on his face.

I got up and began to walk over to him. 'What am I doing?' I thought I dont want to go by him, but my legs wouldn't stop moving but finally they did but only when I was I front of the man.

''Whats you name?'' he asked me in a smooth accent.

''Mmy name isi is crystal'' i stuttered with fear

he laughed again and then looked at me. I just noticed how he looked, strange because i was so scared i never noticed his eyes. Once I did couldnt stop staring at them his blue eyes that looked like about three colors were in them. I just had to look at them then i heard him start to talk again.

''You cant always be scared of me you will be around me a lot more now that i found the family amulet again''

he tilted his head down and tried to kiss me. Then perfect timing bud came in! I could move again and quickly backed away from him 'that was close' i thought

'dont worry next time no one will interrupt us' I heard someone say in my head.

Freaking out I ran to the back room and fell to the floor felling tears began to rise at the back of my eyes.

'what was that?!' i thought an sadly got another answer in my head 'it was me, and you really do need to stop being so scared of me. By the way my name is Eric' 'get out of my head!' i screamed and began to cry

'no no im sorry dont cry I didnt want you to cry!!!'

''Cristal come here'' I heard bud call I stopped crying and walked back over to bud.

''It been a long day why dont you just go home early today'' he told me once the man left.

''but....''he cut me off short

''no but go home early today'' he told me and had me leave.

When I walked outside it began to rain but it felt good so I continued to walk. When I got home I was soaked. I walked in and took my shoes off but stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed who was sitting in the living room with my brothers

'Eric he said his name was correct?'

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