If you have a story (cool, funny, sad, scary...) about something that really happened in rea life to you, or possibly one of your close friends (not something everyone knows like the clown statue story or the dog on the cieling or even thelimousine in the garage lol :D) then you write about it and we comment. You can even rant on about your life problems and someone will porbably care, if not lots of people.

Chapter 1

Life stories:

by: Sammy82
So ur probably wondering what some of those descriptions i put that everyone should know are, so i will soon be making another chain story called "Passed along jokes/stories/forwards" that will describe them. Anyway-i have alot of life problems and one of my friends loves to help me with them, listen, and not tell anyone, and care about me. So every once in a while when she notices that im not eating or im too hyper or something i grab my music player and give it o her and we walk in circles saying random joks and stories untill i fell better and calm and then we usually sit on my porch and i put all my problems onto a caring perosn who can easily fix them and shake them off both of our shoulders-i love her, in a non-sister-sister kind of way


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