falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

hey guys this is my first ever series so if it suck tell me plz!
the pic in the first chapter is of you

Name:paigee louis lancaster

ps 5 comments for the next one

Chapter 3

Date? or not?

"we better go" i said " yeah what class do you have?" elena asked "history" i replied " i havent got history i have art does anyone else have history i dont really want paigee to be alone" she smiled at me and i smiled back elena was really a nice girl."i do" bonnie said the damon started smirking " so do i" he said "lets go then i said smiling elena give bonnie a look and whispered " watch him" bonnie nodded i frowned god what is all this weirdness with damon its not like he was going to bite me!!.we arrived at class and i saw a empty desk at the back i started walking up to the desk and then bonnie called " i sit at the front"she said guiltly "thats fine bonnie dont worry about it" i sat down when damon sat in the desk infront of me " hey paigee" he said i just nodded not wanting to really have a conversation with him becase i had a nagging supicouion (sp)that something was creepy and secret about him i wasnt afraid i just didnt want to be sucked into it."paigee are you ok?"
he asked worried "yep" i said smiling at him he give me a big breath taking smile back at it was making me hyperventalate(sp) so i just looked out the window the rest of my lessons went by i had a one with elena and stephan and one with elena and another with bonnie i didnt know who or if any of them was in last lesson the bell rang for lunch and i walked out of class over to my locket and down the hallway i saw damon. he was surrounded by alot and i mean alot of girls! i knew there was something about him he was a player well i wasn't going to be one of his puppets i voved right there and then i wouldn't get invovled anymore then elena walked up to me with stephan while i put my books in my locker "hay paigee" they both said "hey guys" i said back " wheres bonnie and caroline?" she raised her eyebrow at me "what?" i asked " well i thought you would ask if damon was sitting with us" i laughed "elena im only freinds with him im not going a puppet for him like all the girls swarming him over there" i said as i jerked my thumb over my shoulder "good" she said stephan look at her funny and she looked at him "what? you know he would hurt her" she said i had a feeling she didnt mean hurt as in a relationship i felt a shiver run up my spine i looked over at damon he was staring at me he looked at me as if he was hurt like he heard the whole conversation.


i walked out to my car unlocked it and threw my books into the passenger side when i got back up and shut the door i turned around to look straight into damon salvatore's clear blue eyes i smacked him lightly on the shoulder " damon dont do that you scared me" he started laughing "whats so funny ?" i asked "well i thought after you tried to kick me the other day you could tell when people where behind you" "oh um , well you got away this time you wont next time you sneek up on me" i poked him and looked at him he was staring into my eyes and i was staring into his he bent his head i knew what he was going to do but i couldn't move i was lost in his eyes.just before he kissed me i whispered " damon please dont" he looked confused "why?" he asked "because i know your type you are a player and im going down that road again" i turned to go to the other side of the car when he grabbed my waist it sent a electric jolt through me " paigee i wont hurt-" i cut him off "save it for someone else who falls for you damon" then he let go like i stung him i got in the car reversed and went home i was about to run upstairs to my bedroom when my mom said "paigee?" "yeah mom?" "i going on a business triptonight but ill be back next week will you be ok?" she asked "yeah mom ill be fine" "ok im going now my flights in a hour" i kissed her on the cheek then ran upstairs and lay on my bed. why did it hurt so much that i rejected him that i was avoding him then and that i didnt kiss him because i wanted to so bad! i realised i was falling for him i was falling for the player.then my phone rang it was elena she had give me her number at lunch

me:" hi elena wats up?"
elena:"hey paigee you want to come the beach tomorrow?
since its a saturday"
me:"yeah sure whos going?"
elena:"me,stephan and damon"
me:"elena i dont know im trying to avoid damon"
me:"i think im falling for him elena" i said biting my lip
elena:"ok then we can make it a double date thing then" she said
me: (i scowled)
elena:"or not?"
me: "ok fine but i thought you wanted me to avoid him?"
elena:"paigee have you seen the way he looks at you?"
me:" dont be stupid"
elena:(tuts) well ill see you tommorow then oh write down the ditrections to stephans"
she gave them to me while i wrote them down
me:"thanks see you tomorrow bye"


when i woke up i went too the bathroom brushed my teeth, put my hair into two plaits and went and put my with bikini on undernneath my denim shorts and strapless white top with white flipflops i went downstairs and grabbed a gonala bar and my bag my mom was on a business trip so i went straight out.i drove to the house where stephan and damon lived and knocked on the door damon answered the door and smiled " wow you look geourgues" i rolled my eyes and shut the door i turned back around to face him his face was inchs away from mine and i was pinned agaisnt the door.


when i bent down to kiss her i thought finally maybe she had changed her mind from earlier when she said she wasn't going to be my puppet i didnt want her to be i wanted to be with her from the moment i saw her i was in love and i dont know why but im hoping she was too.now seconds away from her lips i couldnt help but feel happy until she said "damon dont" it sent a electric current through my body when she said my name but i was confused "why?" i asked "beacuse i know your type your a player and im not going down that road again" i grabbed her waist " paigee i wont hurt-" but she cut me off and said "save it for someone else who falls for you damon" i let go of her and she left i was still in shock had she fell for me too? i got into my car imagining what it would of been like if i had kissed her.when i got home elena and stephan were there talking on the sofa "hey damon" elena said i sighed " what do you want?" she was never nice too me unless she wanted something "do you want to come to the beach tomorrow?"i was about to say no but then she added "paigee is coming" my eyes lit up "fine" i said and went to my room and fell asleep thinking about if paigee had kissed me.


"damon get out my way" i said shoving him with my hands but then elena came downstairs and i ducked under his arms "hey elena ready to go?" "yeah" she replied narrowing her eyes at damon then stephan came downstairs in kaiki blue shorts with a light grey top then i turned to face damon he for once didnt have black on he had on kiaki greeny brown shorts on and a light blue shirt and elena had on a puple top and white shorts.we all headed to damons car the black porsche of course the rich kid i thought stephan smiled like he heard what i thought.


when we got to the beach me,elena and the guys put down a towel with our bags and started stipping to our swim suits i had my white one on and elena had on her black one then i said "hey guys" everyone looked at me "race ya!" then i bolted i looked back and elena and stephan were hand in hand and laughing but i couldnt see damon i was in the sea now and i stopped "hey guys i wi-" then i felt someone pull my ankle and i was under i saw damon and he was smiling and he grabbed me round the waist smiling even widerr i went back up to surface and so did he i smiled at him "jerk" he smiled back and shrugged "i couldnt resist i was wondering what you would do under the water" he said winking i rolled my eyes at him then elena and stephan came "hey paigee your fast!" elena said i laughed "damons faster" i said "i know" stephan mumbled under his breath " were going to sunbath" elena said swimming back to shore will on stephans back i looked around and saw a a small cave i swam there and went underwater to get in i come up and i was in a little pool and there was a little tunnel and some sand "wow" i mouthed "its beautiful just like you" i turned around and damon was there "what is it with you and little sweet comments they dont work you know!" damon swam right infront of me and put his arms around my waist "damon dont do this again"i said in a whisper "im not doing anything paigee i love you" "what.?" i asked shocked i looked down "do you really mean that?" "yeah i do" he said lifting my face to look at him then he leaned in and i didnt hesitate this time i wanted him to kiss me then he did his lips felt like it was in schrinizaion with mine i put my hands in his hair and grabbed two fist fuls of hair he let go off my waist and picked up my legs i wrapped them around his waist and he leaned me up the little pool wall i let go of him breathting heavly and damon was smiling the rest of the day went by with splashes,laughs and kissing when we got out the water we all wrapped ourselfs in towels and walked to the truck i got there before everyone else i could feel someone behind me "i told ya you couldnt sneak up behind me again damon"i turned around smiling and saw elena was standing there but she was changed and had curly hair "oh elena sorry i thought you was damon "i said " im not elena im katherine and if you live which i pretty much doubt tell damon,stephan and elena that im back" then i felt ripping in my neck then everything went black.

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