falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

hey guys this is my first ever series so if it suck tell me plz!
the pic in the first chapter is of you

Name:paigee louis lancaster

ps 5 comments for the next one

Chapter 2

new freinds

damon's pov

I was bored today and it was a warm day out so i headed out to go find some girl i could feed off then compell i wasnt hungry it was just pure bordem i started walking trough the wood because i could here a single heartbeat and hear them mumbling to the song .Then i saw her i was watching from the bushes as she was sitting on the swings listening and singing along to the song i could hear from here she had long blonde hair curly and wavy a bit like carolines but not as doon up but i couldnt see her eyes because she wasnt facing me.I started to think of a plan to get her back to the boarding house then i could do what i set out to do the morning.But when i looked at her again i couldn't picture feeding on her i couldnt stand the image of hurting her. What am i saying thats not who i am i dont love or like i feed and compell so then i decided to go over to her i walked behind her incase i changed my mind then i could run off without her noticing i was there.I walked up behind her and decided i wernt going to hurt her she looked to sweet too inoccent oh god i have to get out of here i thought shes turning me into stephan and i hadnt even met her!! it was a good thing i had quick reflexs because just then she jumped dropped her iphone and she did around the world and went to kick me square in the jaw.I grabbed her foot holding it there her skin was creamy soft and felt like silk under my fingertips i stood there staring into her eyes and watched as they trailed over me i should of been angry at her for trying to hurt me i should snap her leg right now and sink my fangs into her and i should of been happy that her eyes lingered on my muscle that i knew stood out underneath my top but i couldn't i just couldnt hurt her.
"um,could i have my foot back please" she asked her voice was like melting honey i realised she asked like 5 seconds ago so i dropped her foot then she bent down and picked up her ipod and she give me a look that said what are you staring at so i snapped out of it and said "hi im damon,damon salvatore " i said then she said " im paigee lancaster" while staring into my eyes as i stared into hers " so why did you go to kick me?" i asked and raised my eyebrow?.

Paigee's pov

He told me his name and then started staring at me while told him mine then he said "so why did you go to kick me?" and rasied his eyebrow at me " well i could sense someone coming behind me and i know self defense well" narrowing my eyes because there was something creepy about this guy "hump" was all he said " well i gotta go get ready for school and stuff" i said turning around he grabbed my wrist "wait what school are you going too?" "robert e.lee" i replyed why did he want to know? " me, my brother stephan and his girlfreind elena go there" "ok ill see you tomorrow then" i turned to leave "bye" he called behind me so i turned and smiled but he was gone.when i got home it was only 5 oclock so i had dinner had a shower pulled on my p.js and climbed into bed


when i woke up i just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep but there was a tapping on the window and to my surprise there was a crow on my windowsill and hat its beady eyes staring at me so i groaned and got out my bed i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and curled my hair and then walked over to my wardrobe and ppulled out skinny jeans black boots and a pink top.Just i pulled of my ppajama top to changed into my pink one i turned around to spray my hair with hairspray then i saw the crow in the window. I gasped really loud but the funny thing was it had its head turned as if it didnt want to see me changed?i carried oun getting ready anyway and headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen my mom was making breakfast "hey mom "
i smiled at her "hi hunny you want some toast?" she said pointing to the toaster " no thanks well im off love you " i walked out the door. i jumped into my bmw and started driving to school my mom did me the courtsy of getting me a map to school before we got here.i pulled up next to a glossy black ferrari huh rich kid i thought i got out the car and headed into school i went to reception got my schuedule and then went to my locker " hey" i heard a chirpy little voice say i turned around to see a 3 girls one with beautiful long silky brown hair the other girl with curly black hair and the last one was a girl with blonde curls "hi im paigge im new here if you havent noticed" i said smiling at her "she smiled back and said this is bonnie bennett " she said pointing to the girl next too her " "thats caroline forbes" she pointed to the one with blonde curls "and im elena gilbert " elena wasnt that the name damon told me yesterday " elena as in staephan salvatores girlfreind?" i asked "yeah how did you know ?" she questioned " " oh i um, met the other brother yesterdsay" i smiled remembering how we stared into each others eyes but her eyes then got wide "you met damon what did he- i mean um, how did you meet ?" but before could answer a male voice ansawered " in the park" we both turned to see damon and someone who i could only guess as stephan.he was as beautiful as his brother but the oppisite of him he had blondish brown hair and emrald green eyes and light colored clothes while damon was still all in black and had another top thats showed of his muscles and abs and had had his jacket over his shoulders then he noticed me staring and winked i looked away embaressed. but then stephan said " elena" with so much love and compassion in the one word it was heartbreaking she smiled at him while he kissed her on the cheek "stephan this is paigee she just moved here" he looked at me then said " hi paigee im stephan" then shook my hand."damon i would introduce you but it looks like you already met" she said narrowing her eyes at him "yeah we did" he said smiling at me stephan looked at his brotther then at me with worry in his eyes then the bell rang.

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