falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

falling for a player a damon salvatore love story part1

hey guys this is my first ever series so if it suck tell me plz!
the pic in the first chapter is of you

Name:paigee louis lancaster

ps 5 comments for the next one

Chapter 1

new beginnings

"paige come on it takes five hours to get there you know!"my mother screamed at me as she put the last box in the trunk of her car i turn to look at her "god mom why are shouting its only 8 oclock in the morning for god sake!"i shouted back at her but she tutted and i rolled my eyes said goodbye to my home and got in my black bmw while mum got into her car and i followed her to our new home.We were leaving sunny calafornia to move all the way to mystic falls,virgina to start a new life because when dad left mum for someone else he had claimed to fall in love with me and mum decided we needed a fresh start since it was just us so thats where we were going to our new life.


i looked at the clock and it was 1 oclock then mom pulled up into a beautiful looking house with a pretty little front
lawn and flower boxes in the windows mum got out and so i followed getting my own boxes out of my trunk and locking up "mum which rooms mine?" i asked turning around as i stepped through the door
"up the stairs first door on the right" she said smiling at me "thanks" i looked around the living room and then through to the kitchen the house was well decorated mum had been sending over and been getting payed decorates to decorate until we got here.I ran upstairs and unpacked my stuff then i had a shower i didnt know what i was going to wear but it was warm outside so i got changed into a black and white neck strapped top and a pair of black shorts with some white flats i let my hair down into its wavy self it could dry in the sun then i grabbed my ipod and headed out my room."Hey mom im of out to look around" "ok hunny make sure your back for seven"i looked at the clock it was only 3 so i had plenty of time i walked out the door and put on my fav "within tempatation all i need"(love this song) and started walking down the road i noticed a little park and walked over to sit on the swings then i felt someone come up behind me i knew self defense well so i jumped up did round the world dropped my ipod and went to kick the person behind me i was in shock when the person caught my foot before kicking him square in the jaw. it took me a second to notice that the person was a strikingly beautiful boy he had shiny black hair with dazzling blue eyes near to the same shade as mine and had on bikers boots a pair of leather paints and a tight black top that showed of the muscle underneath and a black leather jacket was he a emo or something no he didnt look like one.then i realised he was staring at me and still had my foot in the air " um , could i have my foot back please" he stared at me for another 5 seconds and then let go i picked up my ipod and looked back at him geez what was with thhis guy but just then hee snapped out of it "hi he said im damon , damon salvatore"

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