Angel Behind Me(A Seth Clearwater love story) part 1

Angel Behind Me(A Seth Clearwater love story) part 1

um ok this a story i decided to write about alice cullen and seth clearwater i think they would be the perfect couple btw in this story they are both like 17 so yea thx for reading atleast 5 comments <3

Chapter 1


~Alice's pov.~
I love walking through the forest every now and then you always find something new.Something you'd never see today i found love it hit by surprise. It's as if he saw me coming when i was supposed to see him. It's as if it were destiny him and I meeting.As if love struck me by surprise was cupid really there or was it all by accident either way i know I will never forget the day I met the love of my life his name is Seth Clearwater.It all happened about two years ago.I was doing my daily routine walking through the woods finding the new beautiful flowers that had flourished over winter.It's mid-spring.The sun is kinda out kinda not just the way I like it.I love the way it can be three o'clock but look as the sun is going down.I looked downtosee a new blue spotted lily.Full grown it was beautiful.I reached to pick it up.As i was going for it a hand a little bigger than mine grabbed it as I did.I felt a strong electric current go through me i looked up.There in front of me was a boy looked no older than me.He smiled "Hi im sorry,if youwant it ."he smiled and slowly pushed the floor in my direction.I blushed bowing my head trying to make sure it didnt show"Why thank you."i said i moved my bangs out of my face to get a better look at him.He had beautiful eyes almost as beautiful as the ocean except they weren't blue.They were a lovely shade of brown."So what brings you out here?" he asked me the question took me by surprise as i thought he would have left."Um I cme out here to look at the wonderful nature around us"i smiled "Well I guess we have the same hobby because im out here for the same reason"he said I laghed "By the way im Seth." he said extending his hand towards me "Alice "I say shaking it.That was when I felt that same shock.I think he felt it to considering he jumped a little.Seth and I walked for hours until around five o'clock.That was when sadly I had to leave "ill see you around I guess"he said with a sad frown beginning to spread on his face."Or,"i said making him look up "You can see me tomorrow same time same place?" i asked him even though i know he would say yes "Yeah that be cool"he said he hugged me and walked the opposite way.
~Seth's pov (Right After they leave the forest)~
I cant believe she asked I didnt think she would .I walk for a few minutes and then I cam across the house.I walked in to see Jacob and Embry fighting over food as usual my sister was watching t.v. and everyone else must have been out but no doubt sam would be back from patrol soon "So where you been lil' bro?" asked my sister as i sat down at the table"With a Friend" I said casual and just shrugged my shoulders "No seriously you dont hve friends where have you actually been?"she asked again"I met a girl" I said not wanting her to force it out of me.She stopped typing and turned to look at me,When she did a huge grin spread across her face."No way! Whats her name?"i laughed .I laughed because it was just as exciting to me as it was to her.But I just shrugged "Her name's alice"I said.Jacob stopped biting Embry when I said this." spiky hair about 5'6 brown hair really weird?" he asked all at once "Yeah " i said "How'd you know?" I asked it wasnt possible forhim to have read my thought's mostly because i zoned out of thinking when i was with her.So he couldn't have know anything"Dude that's Alice Cullen "I dropped the apple I had picked up from a basket on the desk and started to choke"Alice Cullen!"I exclamied
~Alice's pov(very short)~
"Seth Clearwater but that's not possible!"
told you it was short tbc tell you friends to read it !

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