Incovenient Truth (Geroge Weasley Love Story)

Incovenient Truth (Geroge Weasley Love Story)

Story of a Girl, who learns things she wished she never did, Mia, as muggles call her is 'different' she has two best friends, Fred and George. She's not in their house but they became best friends under weird moments of 'foolish behavior' as Snape called it. See as Annabeth Mia makes her way onto the long road of love, and a very Incovenient Truth makes it's way to the surface. Sometimes the truth is scary.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: "Not Very Slytherin Like"

Mia Annabeth =

I walked onto the platform 9 ¾ I had just came through the wall. I stopped and looked around for all the Weasley’s. When I saw a short red head I knew who it was, I took my cart and moved forward.

"Ginny, where's the twins?" She turned and smiled at me.

"With Angela I think." I nodded and thanked her and started looking for them.
When I finally did she them I stopped in my tracks, I saw Fred snogging Angela. 'Really?' George was standing nearby looking out of place.

"George!" I screamed over the noise. He turned and waved me over. I took a running start and bonded into him. My cart was forgotten along with my cat that looked rather pissed. I jumped into his arms and hugged him.

"Annie, so how's the weather?" He asked me looking down at me. To the Witches and Wizards walking around we maybe looked like lovers embracing each other, but George and I aren't, we are best friends.

"You bloody idiot, don't ask about the weather, hug me back, I look like a nut case attacked to you without you hugging back!" He pulled his arms around me and hugged me I smiled as Fred and Angela disentangled themselves.

"Looks like I am not the only one getting love." Fred smirked.

"Oh, ha, ha, ha. You are so funny thing one." I smiled and jumped down from George.

"Well at least she was ridding me." George smiled at Fred. I turned around and punched George. If I hadn't have known them for the past couple of years I would have murdered them by now.

"Sorry mate, I had to say it." He smiled.

"I will make sure you can't have kids, do I make myself clear, George!" I yelled at him, one of these days, I will kill him.

"Ah, there first fight Ang." Fred sad with fake sadness.

"We aren't dating!" I yelled, I turned and walked away, he had ruin everything, I love them but I will kill them some day, I swear to it.

"Ann, wait! I am sorry." Fred yelled. I kept walking with the cart I had forgotten earlier. As I walked I was stopped as a black tipped cane came into view, I saw it and still tripped landing face first on the ground, when I looked up I saw the one and the only Lucius Malfoy.

"What can I do for you?" I asked knowing he would want the answer.

"Annabeth correct?"

"Yes, and the point of tripping me would be what? 'Oh, I see a young girl let me trip her as she walks my staring at her feet, ah, yes this should get a laugh.' Really Mister Malfoy?"

"One of these days your tongue shall do you in."

"I am still here aren't I?"

"I just wanted to warn you to stay away from the one’s Slytherin’s should be seen with."

"No offense, but sir, I don't care." I grabbed my cart and walked to the train climbing on for my sixth year was about to start, I hope it turns out better then my last.

"You act not very Slytherin like, that might get you killed soon." I grabbed my cart and walked to the train climbing on for my sixth year was about to start, I hope it turns out better then my last.

Hi I am the second writer, my friend's helpping me write this! We changed it, I don't know if she wants to write it now she has been thinking about it. But thanks for reading! :)

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