Summer Romance :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Summer has begun! (Your POV)

"Dad How much longer until we get there?" I asked my dad eagerly. He was dropping me off at my aunts house for the summer in California and I could hardly wait any longer! I needed a tan! "Relax _ were here!" he said pulling into my Aunts driveway. Her beach house was NICE!! Right on the beach! Perfect. I ran to her door and rang the doorbell when she finally answered the door "! It's nice to see you all excited and ready for summer!!" she said giving me a big hug. "I'm soo excited Aunt Cathy!!" I said. I got my luggage out of the back of our rental car we got at the airport, hugged my dad and then he left! FREEDOM!! "So where am I going to sleep?" I asked looking up to see the stairs leading to the hallway. "Your the last door on the right! Is it okay if I leave you alone for a while? I have to go to work." she asked eagerly wanting to leave. "No it's fine Aunt Cathy go ahead but I wanna go on the beach while your gone after I unpack!" I said to her. "Sure you can I'm not gonna stop you!! Have fun Hun!!" she said running into the garage and then she left. When I got up to my room I was in awe! Walk in closet, My own bathroom, Pretty bed, and a balcony with a great view! I finished packing and put on my swimsuit, and shorts to go over, took out my beach bag and headed out to get some sun!

Later on!

I was lying down on my beach towel listening to music and watching people playing in the sea when a wet football hit my stomach (ouch). I took out my earphones and picked up the ball. I was pissed off. When a gorgeous guy comes running toward me. He had a very good body, Tan skin, short Light brown hair, with milk chocolate eyes. "Hi thanks for getting my ball for me." he said to me. "Yeah I wouldn't have noticed it if it wouldn't have hit me in my stomach." I said angrily. "Oh.." he said to me. "Yeah. Well here. Take it." I said offering him back the ball. He took it. I sat back down and he sat next to me. "Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Soo what's you name?" he asked me. I would have left but I just couldn't. "
. And how about yours?" I asked him. "It's Danny. Nice to meet you!" he said shaking my hand. "So I haven't seen you around here are you new?" he asked me. "Yeah you can say that I'm only staying here for the summer at my aunts beach house." I told him. "So where are you from?" he asked me (he's asking a lot of questions). "I'm from South Carolina." I said to him. "Well at least it's nice to know that your going to be here all summer!" he said. "So mind me hanging with you for a while since your down here?" he asked me tossing the football around in his hands. "Sure why not!" I said. I lied back down on my towel and put my sunglasses back on. I looked at the expression on his face. Too funny. "What?" I asked him putting up my sunglasses. "Is this what were going to do the rest of the day?" he asked me lying down next to me. I turned my head 2 look at him. "If you don't want 2 then we can figure out something else to do." I said to him. "Well then wanna boogie board the waves?" he asked me. "huh?" I said not knowing what it was at all. "Well then we found something we could do!" he said helping me up. "Hey you should bring your stuff next to mine. I wouldn't want your stuff getting stolen." he said smiling. I picked up my beach bag, towel, and IPod and set my stuff next to his and put my IPod under his shirt. He grabbed 2 boogie boards and we went into the water. "Okay how do you do this?" I said jumping over a forming wave. "You go onto the boogie board stand backwards of a wave and ride it. It's too simple!" he said showing me how. "Here's a good one! Let's ride it!!" he said excited. The wave took me I rode the wave most the way until I crashed into the water. somebody grabbed my waist and pulled me back up to surface. Just my luck it was Danny. "Are you okay?" he asked me. "Yeah I'm fine!" I said to him coughing trying to get the salty sea water taste out of my mouth. "No your not. Lets go back onto shore." he said grabbing my hand and walking off to shore. "No! Can we please try one more time!" I said. I wasn't a quitter and I wasn't going to quit on this. "Then we can go on shore?" he asked me. "Yes. Then we can go on shore!" I said to him. I saw a good wave and I rode it, this time I didn't fall! "Good job !" he said running toward me. "Yup I did it!" I said smiling. We walked to our spot and I sat down on my towel and got out another towel to dry myself off. "That was fun!" I said to him. "See what I tell you?" he said drying himself off with his towel too. "So what do you want to do now?" he said to me. I lied down on my towel looked up at him. "Wanna go get something to eat?" he said to me, "Sure why not!" I told him. I put on my Shorts over my bikini bottom, we grabbed our stuff and headed to the nearest restaurant. We Finally got to one called 'Neptune's Net', and we ordered our food and sat down on a bench. "So are you liking your day so far?" Danny asked me eating some fries we ordered. "Yes I am!" I told him blushing. "What was your favorite part of the day?" he asked me leaning in further. "Umm Definitely Boogie Boarding!" I said sarcastically. "Aren't you forgetting something?" he said smiling. "Umm OH YEAH! that Football hitting my stomach!" I said sarcastically again. "Heeey" he said to me with a serious face. "Oooh Alright My REAL favorite part of the day was meeting you definitely!" I told him smiling. I ate my burger, and talked about ourselves for a while. "You know you have a great smile." He told me blushing. "Thanks and you do to!" I told him. we both walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. "Sooo can I call this a date ?" He asked me stopping in front of me. "I guess so yeah. Well I had fun on our date!" I said blushing. "Me to!" he said to me. He walked me home and we were silent the whole way. I thought it was to weird that a guy was actually interested in me...ME!! When we got to the front doorstep of my aunts beach house we were just in awkward silence. "Umm _?" he asked stepping in front of me. "Yes?" I asked. ''I really really like you and I hope we could do it again!?" he asked really fast. "I would love to!" I said. We both exchanged number but before I could go in he blocked my way from the door. "Theirs something else I have wanted to do since I first met you." he said stepping a little closer to me. "What's that?" I asked stepping in to. "This." he said smiling and leaned down and kissed me. It was sweet and gentle. "Umm well I gotta get in." I said. He stepped out of my way from the door so I could open it. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked. "Tomorrow!" I agreed and ran into the house. ''The start of something new'' I said to myself and went into my room got dressed in PJ's and went to bed.. :]

End of part 1!!!!
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