Through the Closed Door- Original CHRISTIAN Poem by Me (:

I wrote this poem over the summer...I hope you guys like it. i am thinking about getting it published! let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 1


by: Kharkxx
The door is closed, nobody can go in
You are held back by your transgressions and sins
It won't open, you don't want anyone to knock
You push everyone away, and forget Christ your solid rock

People always want to know whats behind the closed door
But you don't let them in, each day your troubles grow more and more
The door remains shut and locked very tight
You lose track of what matters, and you can't find the light

You have your own problems of terrible fury
You are always hed back by your guilt and your worries
You reach a point where you don't know what to do
You forget all whom you loved, and the important things to you

You shut the door of your life, and you don't let anyone through
You have a lot of problems and you don't know what to do
People said they loved you, but you didn't even know
You want to change your heart, but you don't know where to go

You don't know what to do, you feel all alone
Then you finally realize you can't do this one your own
You take a deep breath and take a step toward the light
God reached in and touched you and said its alright

You finally realize that you can't run away
You have found the king whom you worship all day
The door opens to every happiness and joy
You realized how much he loves every girl and boy

All the trepidations that once caused your fears
Are now gone because Christ is here
You now bow down and pray every day
That Christ will come and take your sins away

You know you aren't perfect though you try hard to be
You try hard all day and still don't succeed
You wonder why God let crisis strike you
You pray every day and that is all that you do

You have finally brokan down that solid door
All the problems that you had don't occur anymore
All that God has helped you is all by your grace
Your days are now brighter since the day God showed his face

Don't close God behind that door
God watns to help you to you grow more
You finally realized that Jesus is your Lord
You let God in and had him go through your closed door


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