Cycle (a Seth love story)

Name: Penny Renums Age: 15 Gaurdian/s:Renee and Phillip Renums Sibling/s: older half-sister Bella Home: lives with Charlie in forks now, but Bella doesn't live there anymore, she lives with Edward Birth Date: 10/4/1995 Hobbie/s: in a band called Standing Ovation, lead singer, famous and plays acoustic and electric guitar/keyboard love interest: none (at first)
ok there's the main character! Enjoy the story!

Chapter 1


I doodled on my notebook cover on the flight - I was dead bored whenever I didn't think about what was coming.
My cell phone made it's little car-horn sound, telling me I'd got a text. I smiled apologetically at the irritated people across the isle.
It was from Luke. It read: hey r u on the fight yet? we miss you here. it sucks trying to rehears without the lead vocals. when r u coming back again?
I grinned a little. Then I texted back: yea im on the plane, sorry about how suckish things r. hows danielle doing? is she gettin any bettr? let me know. im supposed to be coming back in three months.
I sent it and returned to my doodling. Not two minutes later, I got another text, from Luke again: THREE MONTHS!?!?!?! yea shes getting better she can actually keep the beat now but THREE MONTHS? we wont survive that long!
I giggled quietly, then texted back: *im sure you will/can, and im glad shes getting bettr. i gotta leave cuz the flight attendant is comin over. bye!
I sent it and then quickly placed my phone in my bag, just in time for the attendant to come over and ask me to please keep in down, that some people were complaining. I said of course and she walked away satisfied.
Meanwhile almost everyone was staring at me. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see a little girl and her mother behind me.
"Excuse me, but my daughter's a HUGE fan, and was wondering if you would sign her photo of you?" asked the mother politely.
I smiled at the little girl and her mother. "Absolutely, sure," I said, signing it and handing it back with a, "Here you are, sweetie."
The little girl smiled like the luckiest person in the whole wide world. "Thank you tho much!"
I smiled at her again, noticing her lisp. "You're very welcome."
And then everyone was shoving photos in my face and saying, "Penny, could you sign this?" "Penny, you're great!" "Penny, I have your biggest fan right here!" "I love you Penny!"
I signed all of them as best and patiently as I could, used to the fame. When everyone had been satisfied, I heard an animated voice saying, "Please fasten your seat belts. We are beginning our descent."
I fastened mine and resumed doodling.
When I got off the plane, there were paparazzi and camaras flashing everywhere. I smiled my best and ignored all of the flying questions, and walked calmly over to Charlie's cruiser with Jake - that's my bodygaurd - fending off all people who got to close.
I slid easily into the backseat of Charlie's cruiser with a, ""Hey Charlie."
"Hey," he said back, his eyes still on the huge crowd on people trying to get to me.
We drove all the way home, the paparazzi vans following us until we parked in our small driveway and got out to go inside. Charlie seemed mesmerized by the people, but Jake led him to the house, with me in the front, signing autographs and smiling on the way there.
Once inside I laughed as Charlie appraised me with his eyes. "I told you I was famous," I accused him.
"You didn't tell me you were THAT famous," he said. Then he told me where my room was and let me unpack.
In a lot of ways, me and my half-sister Bella are a lot a like: We both are fairly tall, we both have mom's basic looks, we both have some of the same interests ... like reading, and listening to music.
But in a lot of ways, we're different too. I MAKE the music, I'm a LOT more social, I love sports, I don't get nervous in front of crowds, and I'm not clumsy. I actually have mom's half-brown-half-blonde hair and I laugh a lot more ... I'm also not quite as mature.
Also one more major difference: I don't have a lover.
But that didn't matter, because I had a nice enough life not to look for one. I was rich (though I didn't brag about it,) I was famous, and I actually cared what clothes I wore. For instance, right now I was wearing a light green (NOT neon) blouse, fishnet leggings under a dark blue skirt that came down to the middle of my hard-as-a-rock thighs, and NEON green strappy high heels.
I looked around my room, and immediately decided that I would sell this stiff and use the money I got AND some of my hard-earned money to totally remake the room. Because it just wasn't something I was comfortable in - this was all Bella's stuff.
It was then that I noticed a note on my new pillow - it read:
I'm sorry I'm not there to help you settle in, but college calls. I know you may not like the room, so I left you a little surprise under this pillow.

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