A Poem from a friend

A Poem from a friend

my friend sent me this 5 days before she moved before she moved, 1 month before social sevices took her and 6 months before she went to a thereapy place. She didnt title it but she said something about it to me with an email it was about how some things disapper and the abuse in her family. I havent herd from her since last christmas, i miss her

Chapter 1

the poem from herr

you have a problem
a huge one
not a small little one about getting embarassed
so huge its feels cold outside even if it is 102 degrees outside
you begin to stop thinking
like a machine with a malfunction
then heres my least favorite part
the pretending
you say to yourself
i'll be ok
if i tell someone it will get worse
and if you dont think about it will go away
the truth is pretending makes things become true that you wish weren't
things look as though they are getting better
but reality strikes again
and you notice it was not the problem that was disappearing
it was you all a long


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