The Vampiress

A strong young girl who is a vampire, she must learn to stand on her own and to take charge. She has very many bumps in her road.

Chapter 1

Part One

"You know that i love you, Lucia," Nicolae says looking at me with those beautiful, piercing blue eyes.

I try to pull away from him,"No you don't, if you did really love me, then you would release me at once and not stake me! I thought that we proved them wrong. I thought that we proved that vampires can too love."

I start to cry, of the most stupid things i start to freaking cry. He reaches to wipe a tear from my cheek, I move my head to avoid his touch.

"Lucia, you have to understand," he says,"I would never want to harm you, its the elders-"

I cut him off, before he can say anything else i dont want to hear,"No. Nicolae, you listen to me. Everyone has a choice. Just admit it. You want to stake me, from the start you've wanted to stake me. Youve wanted the power, you never wanted me at your side as you queen. You've plalnned all of this just to kill me. It was just all a joke. A sick, cruel, disgusting joke." I stop because im choking on my sobs.

I keep looking away, I don't want to look at the man-vampire-who i love is the love of my life who is trying to defend himself right before he stakes me. The man i trusted, gave my heart to.

"You made me feel special," I say after my sobs calm down,"But it was a trick. To get me to leave my home and come to Romania, where you can take advantage of me. Because, i know no one. And all just so that you can kill me and take the throne all for yourself. You bit me for gods sake! I let you bite me! Doesn't that mean anything to you?! Obviously not. Because you are about to stake me!" I'm still crying, I try to stop, but it doesnt work.

"Lucia, for gods sake!" Nicolae bellows,"I love you! If I dont do kill you myself then the elders will! They will torture you! They will rip you from limb to limb. It will take days for them to finish the job that could take seconds. I'm just trying to save you from the pain they will cause you if i dont do it myself."

"Oh, your so thoughtful, Nicolae," I spat with sarcasm.

He shakes me,"I dont want to kill you. I want you to live. For the centuries to come."

"Could've fooled me,"venom dripping of every word.

He finally lets go of my wrists, and says,"You are the most amazing girl that i have ever met," he turns my head towards him so i have to look at him,"I do love you, my dear soulmate. I have cherished every moment that i have had with you."

He pulls me closer to him, and he tilts my head up, then he bends his head down to kiss me. I let him kiss me, and he kisses me so passionately that i wanted to faint right there in his arms. When he finally pulls away from me, he steps backwards.

"I love you, My Lady," he says formally,"I really do love you Lucia Alexandra Valentina Sigismonda."

He pulls out the stake and i cant help but think, This is it. This is where I die. I close my eyes and i wait, but instead i hear Nicolae cry out in pain. i open my eyes instantly, i run to where he lays with a stake in his chest. I kneel down next to him, and i hold his hand.

Tears are unstoppable at this point,"Nicolae, no, no, no, no. This wasnt suppose to happen. I was suppose to be the one who dies. Not you. Don't leave me, i need you."

He coughs and some blood comes up,"Dont stress so much, its bad for you. And besides, it doesnt hurt that much." He tries but fails horrible at laughing.

"shhh," i say shakely,"Oh god. You do love me, you cant leave me. I love you so much. Dont go. I am begging you here."

"I love you, Lucia,"He says his voice barely above a whisper,"You are so beautiful, smart, and talented. Rule our countries wisely. Prevent the war. As i trust and believe that you will." His breathes are getting sloer and he shuts his eyes.

"No, Nicolae,"I say, shaking him,"Wake up!" His chest isnt moving,"Nicolae! You cant do this to me! I need you! I love you. Please wake up. Please."

But i know that he is gone. Forever. Never again will i see that smile of his that made me feel dizzy, or i will never hear that laughter of his again. I bury my face into my hands and i cry my heart out.

When i am done, I stand up, and i say my last goodbyes to Nicolae. I have two countries to rule, and they depend on me. Nicolae would want me to do this. I hope. I have a war to prevent, and i have no idea as to how im going to do it. So far being a Vampiress sucks.

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