When the JoBros turn GAY

This is for twighlightlover0897 who hates the the jobros:) it's going to be so funny all of u guys will laugh ur a***** off.

Chapter 1

Nick Turns Gay

It was a bright and sunny day. Nick was walking down the sidewalks of LA. LA BABY! He was having a nice walk. Until something happened that made him gay! He saw the pretty birds the gorgeous flowers and the hot MATHEW McCONAUGHEY! He was in love! And it only took 5mins to fall for him! It was LOVE! He didnt know what to do. What to feel! So he ran over and kisssed Mathew on the lips!Mathew kissed him back sooo passionately. They decided that they were going to be an item.They quickly rented out a hotel room and started doing things two guys should never do! They were sooo in love. They both couldn't even explain their love.
So the next day,the both of them took a stroll in the park, they skipped along the dirt path leading them to the baby swings.Nick went on first so Mathew was pushing him. Then Nick got off and they started making out for about 10mins. They left the park,and they had a nice long chat as they were leaving."Ok,so i was like,i don't care what you peoples think, I love Mathew,like,yahhh"."Oh Nick i love you soo much"."You are like,soo totally awesome,Nick",Mathew replies."O,M,G, my lipstick is coming off!!!""I need to reapply!"So the two of them went back to the hotel room,and Nick reapplyed.Mathew got into a fancy dress for they're dinner date that night. Nick wore a purple and pink dress,and six in.heels.Mathew wore a sky blue dress that came above his knees and wore 5in. heels. This was the start of a retarded relationship.

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