Six Months in Heaven

Sorry, this is the last of my story, but there is a new story up called The Locket. It is about a girl and her dead boyfriend who died in the fire and a locket that he gave her. Please tell me if this is a good idea. I have only half of my story wiritten. :( GIMMY IDEAS!
I was about to make the wedding chapter but i desided to leave it like it is because i think that it is better as is. sorry, dont hate me :) plz comment!!!! I need to know if im good enough for yall :) plz
~ <3 u all

Chapter 5

No Name (full version not done yet, maybe ready by wed)

“Sorry, family only.” Said the nurse at St. Joseph’s hospital.
“This is his son!” I yelled back. “And we deserve to go in! Go, tell him my name! Tell him Zoey is here!”
“Very well.” She went into the room Max was supposedly kept in. Standing outside the door I could just make out some words. “Max, there is a girl who wants to see you, she said her name was Zoey.”
“No! Zoey? I only know one, she hates me! She is in Florida, how could she be here, that is not her.”
“She has a young boy; she says he is your son.”
“I don’t have a son!”
“Well, she wants to see you, are you sure you don’t know her. Should I tell her to leave?”
“No, let her come it, I want to see her.”
“But you said you don’t know her!”
“Just let her come in.”
The nurse stalked out of the room and motioned me in. “John, come with Mommy,” I said, holding my hand out. “Max?”
“Zoey? Who – who is he?”
“Max, meet your son.”
“Mommy? Who is he!?”
“Do you remember that picture on the nightstand?”
“That is your father.”
“Wait – you mean, he – “
“John” I interrupted.
“You mean, John, is my son?”
“C – can I hold him?” I picked up John and took him over to his father. I was crying, already. Max shifted his head a little and kissed John on his forehead. I sat down at Max’s feet, which were bandaged and bruised. He used one hand to reach mine; the other was also bandaged and cut.
“I thought you hated me.”
“Max, I would never hate you. The day I walked out was the biggest mistake of my life.” I wiped my tears so I could speak clearer. “I love you.”
“I get out of here tomorrow. I have something I want to give you.”
“What, what is it?”
“You can see tomorrow.” He said.
“Visiting hours are over.” Said the nurse.
“Zoey, I love you.” I started to cry again. “I love you, too, John.”
“See you later alligator.” John said.
“In a while crocodile.” Max replied.
We walked out of the room and I see Jess. “Why are you crying! Ohmygosh! I told you coming here was a bad idea!”
“No, it was the best idea ever. He loves me.”
Max was out of the hospital. He now has a scar on his jaw and is walking around with a cast and a boot on his leg. His arm in a sling and is, also, broken. We checked out of the hotel and accepted the gracious invitation to stay with Max in his condo.
“Here,” Max said, giving me a small blue satin box.
“What is it?”
“Open in.” I opened the box and inside was a beautiful gold ring with three diamonds in the center. “It was my mother’s, her wedding ring.”
“It’s beautiful, but I can’t take it! Don’t you want to keep it for yourself?”
“I want you to keep it.” He awkwardly bent down to get on one knee. “Will you marry me?”
“He/ll, yes!” He got up, with some of my help, and put the ring on my finger. He kissed every finger and the ring, which was now mine.
I turned to Jess, “Will you be my maid of honor?”
She smiled and said, “Yes, I would love to.”
I rapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. We only stopped when John interrupted us, “EWW!” and we all laughed.

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