Six Months in Heaven

Sorry, this is the last of my story, but there is a new story up called The Locket. It is about a girl and her dead boyfriend who died in the fire and a locket that he gave her. Please tell me if this is a good idea. I have only half of my story wiritten. :( GIMMY IDEAS!
I was about to make the wedding chapter but i desided to leave it like it is because i think that it is better as is. sorry, dont hate me :) plz comment!!!! I need to know if im good enough for yall :) plz
~ <3 u all

Chapter 4

Why would i drive to Pennsylvania, oh yah, cuz im an idiot!

I woke up with John sleeping in my room again. Starting to cry, I put my arm around him, hugging him close. And fell back asleep.
“John?” I called out, “I have a surprise for you!”
“Tell me, tell me, tell me!”
“Do you want to go on vacation?” It was the morning right after Jess and I had the conversation about Max. John nodded, excited already. “We are going up to Pennsylvania!”
“Tomorrow morning. If you want to go, you have to help me pack up today.” Scoffing down the rest of his breakfast, he was eager to get to work.
“Mommy, how many toys can I bring?” (Author’s note, I asked my mom that all the time, though I am 13...nerd)
“Pick two.”
“I want Mr. Stuffy and Miss Panda!” he said and hugged them both close. We went out to the garage to get suit cases. I stumbled upon one that was already full; I should have gotten rid of those years ago! I gave John a Make-up bag and grabbed a big suit case and a backpack myself.
I packed all the essentials: undergarments, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and pants. “John, can you get the tooth brushed and toothpaste from the bathroom?” He obediently followed my orders, afraid I was going to not let him got to Pennsylvania. Grabbing the makeup bag I followed him out of the door and to the bathroom to get the hair wash and body wash.
By the end of the day we were all packed and the house was clean and ready for out departure. I mapped out our rout and typed it into my GPS. John fell asleep on the couch with his finger in his mouth.
I called Jess. “Are you ready for tomorrow?” I asked her.
“Uh… sure?”
“That wasn’t a really convincing ‘sure.’”
“Well, its just that I am not really sure that you are ready to see Max, I don’t think that Max is ready to see his son, who you have been hiding for the past five years.”
“Max deserves to know though, and John keeps asking about his father. What if this all works out and John, Max, and I will all be a family?”
“Ah, ha! You do love him!”
“But – you— I – no!” I stuttered.
“Sorry, the line is breaking up.” She said, crumpling a bag of potato chips.
“Put down that bag of chips and talk to me! This is so immature!” The line went dead.
“Come on!” Jess yelled. “Everyone in the car!” She grabbed her dog by the leash and put him in the trunk of my Mini-Van. We were half way through North Carolina, in a Dunkin’ Donuts.
“Come on! We have to get through three more states and then half way through Pennsylvania!” She continued yelling.
“Jess, can you drive? I was driving all the way up here and John needs to eat!”
“Fine,” She said aggravated.
“Ouch! You got me John!” I yell, playing along to our game. We were looking for Punch Buggy Cars across Root Ninety-Five and punching each other when we see them. So far, John was winning. “Oh, look! Red Punch Buggy!” I exclaim punching John slightly in the leg.
“Are we there yet?” John exclaimed.
“Nope, how about we go to sleep to pass the time.” I leaned my head against his car seat and closed my eyes, hopping that he would follow me.
“John, Zoey, wake up!”
“What, where – where” I was still groggy from sleep. “We are here?”
“Well, we are at the hotel!” It was just about twilight, “I’ll go check in and get a luggage cart.”
“Wait, what about Rufus?” She said, motioning towards her dog.
“Oh, I got a hotel that allows pets, but they must be ‘potty trained and obedient’ and must be on a leash at all times.”
“That’s weird, I never heard of an animal friendly hotel.”
“Yah, I know, right!”
I walked into the building and went to the front desk. “Hello, how may I help you?” She said.
“I check in here right?” I said awkwardly, “My last name is Helion.”
“Ah, yes. Room 15” I gasped at the irony of the number. “Is there something wrong?”
“No, it’s okay, where can I get a luggage cart?”
“How about I get someone to carry them up to your room, Sebastian!” She called out.
“Thanks,” I said, and let the man follow me out. “So, here is the luggage.”
We followed him up to our room and went inside. “Okay, let’s hit the sack. We have a big day tomorrow.” We each took turns taking a shower and went to bed.

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